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It might reverse the UN’s order of holiness, Vanessa Baird finds.

When thousands of genetically identical birds are stacked together – like these chickens on a farm in France – there are no immunological firebreaks to stop the spread of disease. GETTY IMAGES

Rob Wallace connects industrialized farming to the emergence of ever more deadly pathogens.

Photo: Jan-Peter Westad

Palestinian activist Iyad el-Baghdadi, a leading intellectual of the Arab Spring, talks fighting...

Time to face our own rubbish, Vanessa Baird suggests.

Socorro Aguilar de-spines a cactus pad in Real de Catorce, Mexico. She likes to cook it up with onions, tomato and chillies or drink it in smoothies.

Natalia Torres Garzon on the return to wild food sources in Mexico.

We meet three women bound together across borders by their caring responsibilities and struggles to meet them.

Nature restores, but is itself in need of restoration. Due to our constant commodification of the natural world we are...

Damages wrought by the 2020 Bangalore riots. Credit: Times of India

Since 2018, a remarkable uptick in communal violence has taken shape in India. Dilnaz Boga speaks to...

As 2020 draws to an end, we look at the journalism which spoke most to our readers.

Amy Hall on the underappreciated link between the twin crises of our times.


Let down at every turn, Ally Bruener struggles to balance her own vital needs with her eco-warrior...

Uganda: ‘Let them own their country’

Liam Taylor on the popstar politician taking on a ‘horrifying’ election battle in Uganda.

As big international players eye up Mozambique’s natural gas reserves, a storm of conflict brews for local communities. ...

Stephanie Boyd reports from the Peruvian Amazon on the fight to get adequate healthcare that respects...

Big Momma Carrie Lam is on a mission in Hong Kong.

Illustration by Sarah John

Iris Gonzales on a most unusual homecoming. 


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