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Browse Racism

Illustrations: Jason Ngai

This article is more than one year old.

After centuries of government exclusion a new generation of Romani activists is fighting back. Conrad Landin...

Dale Farm has become a famous site for Gypsy,  Roma and Traveller communities – as well  as for violent evictions at the hands of police.  As part of the Drive2Survive campaign, this  summer protesters visited the site to stand in  opposition to the UK’s Police, Crime, Sentencing  and Courts Bill, which is set to place further  criminal curbs on travelling people.  HUW POWELL

This article is more than one year old.

Jake Bowers argues for the rights of travelling peoples to live and move through the landscapes they call...

Defiantly demanding change in Brooklyn, New York. SAANYA ALI/MAJORITY WORLD

This article is more than two years old.

Amy Hall on why defunding police departments could be the most caring thing to do.

Marcia Rigg speaks at the annual UFFC rally in 2015. Photo: Panther Manchanda

This article is more than two years old.

Amy Hall speaks to Marcia Rigg of the United Families and Friends Campaign...

A small-scale farm worker pictured in Tanzania.  (Alun McDonald/Oxfam)

This article is more than two years old.

Nikki van der Gaag remembers the history of race and representation discussions in the development sector...


This article is more than two years old.

Anti-blackness is still a galvanizing force in India, writes Nilanjana Bhowmick.

Terrence Floyd, George Floyd's brother, speaks at his brother's memorial at Chicago Ave and E 38th St in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Credit: Lorie Shaull/Flickr

This article is almost three years old.

Amy Hall on why the Black Lives Matter movement is once again resonating around the world.

Protestors from Global Justice Now demonstrate outside the Home Office in London demanding an end to the Hostile Environment policy, ahead of parliamentary debate on the Windrush scandal. April, 2018. David Mirzoeff/Global Justice Now

This article is almost three years old.

Minnie Rahman on the legal fight against the British government’s racist ‘right to rent’ policy.

This article is almost four years old.

Architecture is never neutral, explains Laith Kharus Whitwham. But can it be made to truly serve the public...

This article is more than four years old.

Simon Childs on the strengths and limits of far-right co-ordination.

This article is more than four years old.

Working on a documentary about the Moken ‘Sea Gypsies’ prompted Julian Sayarer to examine the West’s obtuse...

People take part in a smudging ceremony organised by the First Nations Indigenous Warriors and the American Indian Movement on the Cote First Nation, near the town of Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Canada, August 6, 2017. Smudging is a common practice among some indigenous peoples in North America and is believed to cleanse a person or place of negative energy. REUTERS/Zachary Prong

This article is more than four years old.

The shocking eugenicist policies can be seen as attempted cultural genocide, argues Jaipreet Virdi

  Muslim women participate in the Interfaith Prayer Service opening the 2018 Festival of Faiths in historic Christ Church Cathedral, Louisville, Ky., on April 25, 2018. "Sacred Insights: Feminine Wisdom" was the theme of the 23rd annual Festival of Faiths.

This article is more than four years old.

We must move beyond talk of prejudice and address the root causes of anti-Muslim violence, writes Suhaiymah Manzoor-...

This article is almost five years old.

We're up against a long history of bigotry, ignorance and disdain, writes Mark Engler

This article is more than five years old.

It should not be controversial to take down statues of defenders of slavery, writes Mark Engler.

This article is almost six years old.

Fizza Qureshi and Helen Drewery write an open letter to candidates and commentators to...


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