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With the climate emergency, this landmark case has taken on added urgency: the absolute imperative being now that carbon and water sequestering forests, and the biodiversity that they contain, are protected and kept intact.

This article is more than three years old.

Jan Goodey reports on the legal bid to save the Amazon fringe that could set a worldwide precedent for...

Alfred Kelfala, part of the roving Freetown Ebola burial team, puts on a safety suit before burying a corpse, 2015.

This article is more than five years old.

How humanity may have triggered Ebola outbreaks. By Katie McQue.

Smoke and Mirrors: an immersive multimedia project about the environmental and social crisis of cooking smoke.

This article is almost six years old.

An immersive feature reveals Malawi’s health and environmental crisis. Ingrid Gercama and Nathalie...

This article is more than seven years old.

Wise words on fashion by 14-year-old Mya-Rose Craig.

This article is more than seven years old.

Sabine Joukes reports on a project to halt deforestation in a once-fertile land.

This article is more than eight years old.

Richard Schiffman talks to scientist Philip Fearnside on what’s driving the clearing of the Amazon forest.

This article is almost nine years old.

Richard Schiffman looks at one way the UN Climate Summit may yet have a positive impact on deforestation.

This article is more than nine years old.

Powerful players are behind southeast Asia’s trade in illegal logging, explains Fran Lambrick.

This article is more than ten years old.

The 'renewable' energy more harmful than coal. Phil England hosts this month's episode of Climate Radio.

This article is almost 12 years old.


This article is almost 21 years old.

South America


This article is more than 23 years old.

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