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The powerful shackdweller’s social movement is mobilizing against assassinations in South Africa. Richard ...

Zuma’s trial is just one symptom of South Africa’s problems, Neil Thompson reports.

Whatever his shortcomings, Ramaphosa is probably the last chance for the older generation of ANC leadership to make good on...

Liz McDaid and Makoma Lekalakaka in front of the country’s only nuclear power station – Koeberg.

Makoma Lekalakala and Liz McDaid won the Goldman Environmental Prize for stopping a secret nuclear deal...

‘Zuma must fall’ protesters with a banner depicting Atul Gupta, implicated in recent scandals. Pic: Discott, CC-BY-SA4.0

This article is more than one year old.

How corruption in South Africa continues to cost taxpayers billions of rand, by Neil Thompson.

FeesMustFall: Protesters celebrate the removal of a statue of Cecil Rhodes from the University of Cape Town.

This article is more than one year old.

South Africa’s first post-apartheid generation has come of age. And they’re not happy with the way the ANC...

Ras Gareth Prince, the Rastafarian lawyer fighting for Cannabis legalization – cannabis freedom – in South Africa.

This article is more than one year old.

Alice McCool meets the Rastafarian lawyer fighting for cannabis freedom.

This article is more than one year old.

A Norwegian report uncovers harassment and illegal wages on the country's wine farms, Peter Kenworthy writes...

This article is almost two years old.

The world will miss the lawyer and philantrophist who defended Mandela and was chair of Oxfam, writes Mari Marcel...

This article is more than two years old.

Bishop Johannes Seoka takes the mining company to task, nearly five years after the massacre.

This article is more than two years old.

Monsanto’s so-called drought tolerant GM maize won't tackle the drought and the root causes of hunger in South Africa, write...

This article is more than two years old.

Around the world, trade unions are facing fierce repression. But workers are still uniting to stand up for their rights and,...

This article is almost three years old.

South Africa’s High Court recently ruled that 27,000 goldminers with silicosis, an incurable lung disease, could...

This article is more than three years old.

Tom Lebert looks on as the South African government is exonerated despite failings.

This article is almost four years old.

Saranel Benjamin reports on efforts to prevent illegal evictions and educate people on their rights.

This article is more than four years old.

A new album celebrates the legacy of South-African artist-turned-political activist Julian Bahula.


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