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Ras Gareth Prince, the Rastafarian lawyer fighting for Cannabis legalization – cannabis freedom – in South Africa.

Alice McCool meets the Rastafarian lawyer fighting for cannabis freedom.

İdil Eser

Idil Eser: one of the latest high-profile victims of Turkey’s crackdown on dissent. By Fotis Filippou....

IMF and World Bank meetings

Lidy Nacpil disputes the World Bank’s claim that it’s now fighting inequality.

Philippine Prisons

A glimpse of the lives of those sleeping in shifts in Manila's overcrowded jails.

A Kolkata Street. Kolkatan, CC-BY-SA3.0

Will Brown reports on the women, and children, brutally trapped in Kolkata’s sex trade.

Justice for Sheikh al-Nimr and his family: our interview with Mohammed al-Nimr

Mohammed al-Nimr talks to Sophie Baggott about Saudi Arabia’s persecution of his family.

The repression of the referendum in Catalonia: masked police take away ballot boxes

The Catalonia clampdown was violence vs a bottom-up approach. Kevin Buckland writes.

Indigenous people, set to be robbed of their land rights, took their protest to Brasilia – to be rebuffed by armed forces.

Vanessa Baird writes on how agribusiness has mounted a coup against rural Brazilians.

Canada 150

Why First Nations people boycotted Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation. Sian Griffiths reports.

Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, Arun Gandhi, speaks to Danielle Batist about technology, Trump,...

Women's rights Brazil: The state of sexism, rights of women and sexual minorities after the soft coup in Brazil
Womens’ and minority rights are disappearing since the soft coup in Brazil, reports Vanessa Baird.

The roots of patriarchy, how it is sustained, and how to go about challenging it. By Cynthia Enloe.

Brazilian favelas

Favela dwellers speak to Vanessa Baird about police violence and creative resistance.

It should not be controversial to take down statues of defenders of slavery, writes Mark Engler.

Afghan women’s rights campaigner Jamila Afghani talks to Beena Nadeem.

Women are playing an essential part in fighting for civil rights in Poland, writes Benedetta Leardini.


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