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Colonizing civil society

Political strategists brainstorm ways to remove democratic impediments to their bosses’ plans.

CONIFA World Cup: An Abkhazian fan at the 2016 tournament. Photo by Magdalena Chodownik

London is hosting an alternative ‘World Football Cup’ of unrecognized nations in June 2018. Alessio Perrone...

Mark Engler on sexual violence today in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Jürgen Fälchle/Alamy

We need organizing and mass mobilization to make it a thing of the past, writes Mark Engler.

Two artists have invented a saint to protect residents from gentrification. Yohann Koshy reports.


Despite the atrocious human rights situation in the country, the West finds much to celebrate about Bahrain. Zoe...

Three initiatives to improve the fashion industry’s ethics. Miki Alcalde

Safia Minney runs through the tech that could change the fashion industry’s relationship with workers.

The British hacker will be at great risk if he loses his case, writes Ella Matthews.

Immigrant rights march in downtown Los Angeles, California on May Day, 2006. Jonathan McIntosh

Aisha Dodwell debunks the major myths preventing us from extending free movement to everyone.

Lives behind the label

Bangladesh’s garment workers make the clothes we wear every day. A collection of their intimate stories.

A community school in Baranca Honda, Puebla state, Mexico. Photo: Tamara Pearson

Tamara Pearson explains why the poor are not taken seriously on creative stages.

Europe against refugees

Ben Hayes and Frank Barat look back three years after Operation Mare Nostrum’s end.

Nubian resistance: A Nubian man on a camel.

In the wake of the tragic loss, Mohammed Elnaiem looks back at years of resistance.

The Balfour declaration: immigration to Israel.

Paul Kelemen and Dick Pitt look at the British government’s role in Israel’s formation.

The Ethical Shop helps us carry on doing what we love. James Rowland explains how.

Automation and basic income.

If automation decimates jobs, we need better solutions than these, argues Nick Dowson.

kafala Lebanon

Prejudice and a lack of legal protection hamper migrant workers in Lebanon. Fiona Broom writes.


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