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Two recipients of sanctuary scholarships outside SOAS in London

A groundbreaking project seeks to get migrant students into university. Hazel Healy reports.

Organized labour is under attack in Indonesia

Unions face backlash after years of minimum wage increases. Fahmi Panimbang writes.

Free Yanto: Activist Yanto Awerkion awaiting trial

Time is running out for West Papuan activist Yanto Awerkion.

Former president Lula on his Caravan of Hope tour around Brazil, ahead of this year’s elections.

‘Impossible’ for Lula to get fair trial, say lawyers. Vanessa Baird reports.

Youth bulge: A public billboard in Uganda urges young people to have smaller families.

Wangui Kimari makes the case that the youth discourse in Africa has patronizing,...

Musa Fata's social media feed shows a life of ease and abundance.

Sophia Seymour and Daisy Squires shine a light on Musa...

‘People are intolerant towards Dalits speaking up,’ says Ravali Medari, a student activist at the University of Hyderabad.

Ravali Medari was moved to take up political activism alongside her academic work. Meena Kandasamy...

Jake Edwards is a YouTube vlogger: a uniquely millennial career

Jake Edwards, a transgender YouTube vlogger, has a uniquely millennial career. Edward Siddons...

FeesMustFall: Protesters celebrate the removal of a statue of Cecil Rhodes from the University of Cape Town.

South Africa’s first post-apartheid generation has come of age. And they’re not happy with the way the ANC...

Young girls in Malaysia are finding a safe space in social media networks.

For young girls across the Muslim world, social media has become a therapeutic medium. Hussein Kesvani ...

Youth: Arrested development

What’s left for young people today? Yohann Koshy examines the emergence of ‘millennials’ and the political...

Social media mental health: The popular social media emoji depicting someone laughing so hard that they are crying. Or is it the other way around?

Social media use is correlated with mental health problems. But is it simply cause and effect? Marcus Gilroy-Ware...

China homosexuality

LGBT+ people are subjected to forced confinement, medication and electric shocks to try to change their sexual orientation,...


Meet the non-profit art group trying to end violence against women in Mozambique. By Rebecca Cooke.

Bolivian prisons

Amy Booth visits a Bolivian prison and meets those let down by patchy law enforcement.

Sign pointing to the village of Hope, Derbyshire UK. Photo by: Flickr user pol sifter

As we bid farewell to 2017, Mari Marcel Thekaekara looks back at the year that was.


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