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Article 13 of the EU’s Copyright Directive, up for vote on 20 June, will impose mandatory upload filters on internet users...

Social media is usurping the role of the state argues Jillian York.

Blueprint for a better media

11 strategies for a better media. Vanessa Baird writes.

Are these new privacy laws the best solution? Mike Morel investigates.

humanitarian drones

Aid-by-drone, what’s not to like? New tech in the sector brings many problems, Nick Dowson explains.

'NEW FRIGIDAIRE MASTER for families that want maximum storage space...’.From the Ladies’ Home Journal. 1948. Pic: Wyeth, N.C.

A dystopian short story by Pat Cadigan on the future internet of things.

Technology is affecting the way people take part in protest.

Is digital technology leading us astray, asks Rev Billy.

Robots Japan: Aiko Chihira, a humanoid robot that can blink and speak developed by Toshiba Corp, staffs the information desk of a high-end department store in Tokyo.

How Japanese society and robots match up, by Christopher Simons.

Robotization dangers: what's the impact of robots on humans?

The vision of the future we are fed will leave many of us reeling, writes Dinyar Godrej. For what?

Killer robots

Noel Sharkey’s stark warning against the latest arms race.

Automation and basic income.

If automation decimates jobs, we need better solutions than these, argues Nick Dowson.

Industrial robots China

Industrial robots are being put to work on a huge scale. Jenny Chan looks at the case of Foxconn.

agriculture robots

Precision agriculture is where it’s at – according to the corporate giants. Jim Thomas inspects their plans...

Audrey Watters AI

Think of computer code as new rules governing society – who gets to enforce it? asks Audrey Watters.

Edtech: will Google take over the classroom?

Tamasin Cave reports on the edtech players pushing for radical changes in schools.

This article is more than one year old.

What rights do citizens have, not just to public and private spaces, but to their digital equivalents? Mark Graham...


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