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UNICEF and ECHO deliver hygiene kits to children and families in bomb shelters in Donetsk. Credit: EU Civil and Humanitarian Aid Operations/Flickr

Ukraine’s internally displaced people are paying the price for a proxy conflict stoked by Russia. Daisy Gibbons...

Vanessa Baird looks at how things would be if we could migrate freely. 

Can we still talk of a ‘migration crisis’ in the EU? Nando Sigona asks.

U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Saratoga anchored at the Diego Garcia naval base in the 1980s.

Revealed: Ships at the controversial naval base are crammed dangerously close. Katie McQue reports.


Civil war, ISIS invasions, mountains of rubbish. Reem Haddad reports from Beirut.

The leaders of Russia and Hungary, Vladimir Putin and Viktor Orbán

Has Putin exported ‘managed democracy’ to Hungary? Madeline Roache examines Orbán’s...

A Rohingya refugee takes a moment’s pause, shortly after arriving in a makeshift camp at Teknaf, Bangladesh, last September. She is one of over 670,000 people to have fled over the border from Myanmar since August 2017.

Parsa Sanjana Sajid speaks to Rohingya refugees trapped on the Bangladeshi border.

The Stansted 15 have exposed the hypocrisy of Britain, Ann Pettifor argues.

More than 100 women detainees are on all out strike. Those outside detention must show their support, argues ...

Showtime from the Frontline: Alaa Shehada, Mark Thomas and Faisal Abu Alhayja.

Nick Dowson reports on Mark Thomas’s attempt to train a comedy troupe in the West Bank.

Eritrean refugees who try to escape into neighbouring Sudan are caught up in a deadly stand-off between...

This article is more than one year old.

Jonathan Lee reports on the forgotten victims of Europe’s last refugee crisis.

Musa Fata's social media feed shows a life of ease and abundance.

This article is more than one year old.

Sophia Seymour and Daisy Squires shine a light on Musa...

EU border towns: Migrants sleeping under Via Europa, the bridge linking Italy and France in the border town of Ventimiglia. Photo by Fotomovimiento

This article is more than one year old.

Europe’s response to migration: more police, more walls – for no reason. Alex Fusco writes.

Immigrant rights march in downtown Los Angeles, California on May Day, 2006. Jonathan McIntosh

This article is more than one year old.

Aisha Dodwell debunks the major myths preventing us from extending free movement to everyone.

Europe against refugees

This article is more than one year old.

Ben Hayes and Frank Barat look back three years after Operation Mare Nostrum’s end.


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