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The new Turkish humanitarians

Jamal Osman reports on the rise of the new humanitarians in Somalia.

Secret documents show that a brutal crackdown paved the way for the Royal visit. Phil Miller investigates...

Lebanon’s waste is literally spilling beyond its shores. Daniel Hilton reports.

Only six per cent of Britons back selling arms to Saudi Arabia. So why has Mohamed bin Salman been invited to Britain?...

Soudeh Alikhani writes on the 10th anniversary of the women’s rights activist Zeinab Jalalian’s arrest – on...

Showtime from the Frontline: Alaa Shehada, Mark Thomas and Faisal Abu Alhayja.

Nick Dowson reports on Mark Thomas’s attempt to train a comedy troupe in the West Bank.

Prof Kwame Anthony Appiah interview: Prof Appiah speaking in Sao Paulo in 2000. Fronteiras de Pensamento

Professor Appiah talks about nationalism, fundamentalism and identity. Interview by Andy Heintz.

Turkey political prisoners: Turkish riot police crack down on people protesting against the purge of academics, outside Ankara University.

Academic İştar Gözaydıns first-hand experiences of the...

Artist Kaya Mar with his satirical portrait Erdoğan, the Turkish Sun King – after France’s absolute monarch Louis XVI.

The low-down from Turkish writer and analyst Hakki Mahfuz on the country’s crackdown.


Despite the atrocious human rights situation in the country, the West finds much to celebrate about Bahrain. Zoe...

The Balfour declaration: immigration to Israel.

Paul Kelemen and Dick Pitt look at the British government’s role in Israel’s formation.

kafala Lebanon

Prejudice and a lack of legal protection hamper migrant workers in Lebanon. Fiona Broom writes.

TootArd’s second album Laissez Passer; Nitin Sawhney’s...

The Gaza electricity crisis: installing solar panels in the Gaza strip.

Respite for Gazans could not come too soon. Noreen Sadik reports on the ongoing power crisis...

İdil Eser

Idil Eser: one of the latest high-profile victims of Turkey’s crackdown on dissent. By Fotis Filippou....

Justice for Sheikh al-Nimr and his family: our interview with Mohammed al-Nimr

Mohammed al-Nimr talks to Sophie Baggott about Saudi Arabia’s persecution of his family.


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