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Morgan Meaker on Hezbollah's check on gay rights.


‘They are choosing this time to remind Palestinians that we control you,’ a Palestinian tells Katie McQue...

On World Press Freedom Day, Amnesty International’s Stefan Simanowitz reports on why Turkish journalists...

The Kurdish freedom movement has called for a boycott of Turkish goods and services. Sarah Wood reports....

Saudi Arabia’s King-in-waiting – and his aggressive foreign policy – is put under the spotlight.

Strikes by the US Air Force over Syria.

Dan Smith argues strengthening international law would do far more good than ad hoc missile strikes.


On 27 December 2017, 31-year-old Vida Movahed removed her headscarf, tied it to a stick and stood atop a telecoms box on...

Portraits of three Syrian cities: Huossen Hamod’s daughter looks out from a fifth floor balcony onto their decimated neighbourhood of Ansari al-Sharki, Aleppo

For those in government-held cities, only fragments of normality remain. Sally Hayden writes.

Three displaced Yemeni girls stand by the shredded remains of their tents in Abs settlement, which is regularly damaged by passing sandstorms.

Hazel Healy investigates the challenges facing 21st century disaster response.

The new Turkish humanitarians

Jamal Osman reports on the rise of the new humanitarians in Somalia.

Secret documents show that a brutal crackdown paved the way for the Royal visit. Phil Miller investigates...

Lebanon’s waste is literally spilling beyond its shores. Daniel Hilton reports.

Only six per cent of Britons back selling arms to Saudi Arabia. So why has Mohamed bin Salman been invited to Britain?...

Soudeh Alikhani writes on the 10th anniversary of the women’s rights activist Zeinab Jalalian’s arrest – on...

Showtime from the Frontline: Alaa Shehada, Mark Thomas and Faisal Abu Alhayja.

Nick Dowson reports on Mark Thomas’s attempt to train a comedy troupe in the West Bank.

Prof Kwame Anthony Appiah interview: Prof Appiah speaking in Sao Paulo in 2000. Fronteiras de Pensamento

This article is more than one year old.

Professor Appiah talks about nationalism, fundamentalism and identity. Interview by Andy Heintz.


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