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Morro do Ouro Gold Mine, Paracatu, Brazil. SkyTruth/Flickr

Leonardo Sakamoto on Lula's efforts to give Brazil's Indigenous Yanomami communities a reprieve. 

A scene from the coup: A tank belonging to Augusto Pinochet's military junta approaches the government palace in 1973. WikiCommons

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Chilean coup that brought General Augusto Pinochet to power. September, a...

Illustration: Sarah John

Stephanie Boyd on a beautiful farewell in Peru’s southern Andes.

Vanessa Baird traces how Peru’s political turmoil swiftly tipped into bloody state violence.

Flickr: Jeso Carneiro

Leonardo Sakamoto on Brazil’s vote-buying scandals.

Then-president Pedro Castillo takes part in an official ceremony in July, 2021. ​​​​​​​PresidenciaPeru/Flickr

Vanessa Baird explores an episode of political suicide and high drama, extraordinary even by Peru’s...

Candomblé members dance and sing at a religious festival in Saubara, Brazil, 12 June 2020. THALES ANTÔNIO/ALAMY

From an increase in religious freedom to protection of the Amazon, there are high hopes for Brazil’s returning president....

A person draped in the Brazilian flag during a demonstration. They stand with their back to the camera and wear a blue baseball cap.

Authoritarians have been embraced in a country where public opinion is in favour of democracy. Leonardo Sakamoto...

Photo of Mauricio Ye’kuana, a Brazilian Indigenous leader and Treasurer of the Hutukara Yanomami Association (HAY), who work to protect Yanomami and Ye’kuana communities in the Brazilian Amazon

Indigenous activist Mauricio Ye’kuana speaks on the dangerous fight to protect his people’s land.

Jair Bolsonaro holds his hand up, pointing. He wears a blue shirt and a black glove. He is above a crowd of people holding up hands or their mobile phones to take photos.

With an election looming, Jair Bolsonaro has set an economic timebomb for Brazil, writes Leonardo Sakamoto...

Leonardo Sakamoto on the journalists the Brazilian establishment loves to hate.

Colombian left-wing presidential candidate Gustavo Petro and his candidate for Vice-President Francia Marquez of the Historic Pact coalition celebrate after Petro's victory in the second round of the presidential election, at the Movistar Arena, in Bogota, Colombia June 19, 2022. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

Colombia’s first leftwing president-elect, Gustavo Petro, is riding a wave of hope. But, as Nick MacWilliam...

Peruvian women call on Anglo-Swiss mining giant Glencore, investors and UK and EU parliamentarians to take action on toxic...

Banners wave at the opening ceremony of the People’s World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth near Cochabamba, Bolivia, April 2010. The People’s Agreement signed at the conference called for the Global North to repay a ‘climate debt’ to the Majority World. AIZAR RALDES/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

How can we phase out fossil fuels in a way that works for people everywhere? The historic Cochabamba People’s Agreement...

A person draped in a blue, green, red and yellow Mapuche flag stands with their back to the camera, looking towards a gas plant in the distance

The Mapuche people in Argentina are saying no to an influx of transnationals trying to frack their lands. Grace...

Silvia Moreno-Garcia headshot

This article is more than one year old.

Novelist Silvia Moreno-Garcia pushes back against the stereotypes associated with Latin American culture. By Graeme...


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