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A person draped in a blue, green, red and yellow Mapuche flag stands with their back to the camera, looking towards a gas plant in the distance

The Mapuche people in Argentina are saying no to an influx of transnationals trying to frack their lands. Grace...

This article is more than one year old.

Pranab Doley, an Indigenous activist from the Mising people, condemns the militarization of the...

Fighting on all fronts. Samela, a 23-year-old activist from the Association of the Satere-Mawe Indigenous Women in Manaus, Amazonas in Brazil, co-ordinates the production of protective face masks.RAPHAEL ALVES/IMF/CREATIVE COMMONS

This article is almost two years old.

Want to restore and protect the world's forests? Then uphold the rights of the people who live in them, says Danny...

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim is an environmental activist

This article is more than two years old.

An interview with environmental activist Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim.

Photo: Fifaliana-Joy/Pixabay

This article is more than two years old.

Amy Hall speaks to the campaigners leading the call against childhood incarceration of Aboriginal and...

This article is almost three years old.

Stephanie Boyd on the making of a groundbreaking indigenous film about the pandemic in Peru’s Amazon.

The fight continues: indigenous groups and their allies blockade government buildings in Victoria, Canada to protest a natural gas pipeline through Wet'suwet'en territory. Zuma Press inc/Alamy

This article is almost three years old.

Danny Chivers is buoyed up by three decisive victories led by indigenous groups against fossil fuel...

The Ashaninka are an indigenous people living in the State of Acre, Brazil. © Pedro França/MinC

This article is almost three years old.

Leonardo Sakamoto on the war against indigenous people.

People from the various villages in Baram  district demonstrate against the proposed dam. SAMBAN TUGANG

This article is almost three years old.

An epic struggle has been playing out between islanders defending their land, rivers and livelihoods and the Malaysian...

This article is almost four years old.

Jair Bolsonaro may be in power, but the Sateré indigenous people are not taking his hostility sitting down. Sue...

This article is more than four years old.

Aboriginal people are using a new app to record and report police brutality. Will it help break Australia’s culture of...

This article is more than four years old.

Working on a documentary about the Moken ‘Sea Gypsies’ prompted Julian Sayarer to examine the West’s obtuse...

People take part in a smudging ceremony organised by the First Nations Indigenous Warriors and the American Indian Movement on the Cote First Nation, near the town of Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Canada, August 6, 2017. Smudging is a common practice among some indigenous peoples in North America and is believed to cleanse a person or place of negative energy. REUTERS/Zachary Prong

This article is more than four years old.

The shocking eugenicist policies can be seen as attempted cultural genocide, argues Jaipreet Virdi

This article is more than four years old.

The non-indigenous people of New Caledonia assumed they would easily win an independence referendum. The results were a...

Herero who survived the genocide after escaping through the Omaheke desert. Photo from the Galerie Bassenge via Wikimedia Commons.

This article is almost five years old.

Communities that were decimated by Germany’s forgotten genocide are now demanding justice. Gouri Sharma...

This article is almost five years old.

Human rights defenders are being criminalized in Peru. John Crabtree highlights the unusual case of Walter...


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