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Colombian left-wing presidential candidate Gustavo Petro and his candidate for Vice-President Francia Marquez of the Historic Pact coalition celebrate after Petro's victory in the second round of the presidential election, at the Movistar Arena, in Bogota, Colombia June 19, 2022. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

Colombia’s first leftwing president-elect, Gustavo Petro, is riding a wave of hope. But, as Nick MacWilliam...

With the South American country closer than ever to electing a leftwing government, Nick MacWilliam...

Hazel Sheffield explores how the history of failed land reform in Colombia threatens both people and planet...

Colombian anti-drug policemen and a dog stand guard at a coca plantation in Tumaco, Colombia February 26, 2020. Picture taken February 26, 2020. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

Five years on from the peace agreement, rural violence continues and coca production is on the rise. Joe Ballesteros...

Carole Concha Bell on Iván Duque’s ‘cosmetic’ police reform.

Credit: Enrique Shore/Alamy

This article is almost two years old.

Colombian technocrat Iván Duque Márquez is not exactly a fan of peace.

This article is more than three years old.

Women fought hard for recognition in their country’s peace agreement. Now they must defend it from a deadly backlash....

The road to peace in Colombia: the funeral in April 2017 of indigenous leader Gerson Acosta, among the hundreds killed since the peace deal of 2016.

This article is almost four years old.

Colombia’s peace deal promised the return of stolen lands. But it isn’t so easy to achieve, Mira Galanova...

Three former guerrillas watch the election results from La Tienda, the social space in the Icononzo reintegration zone.

This article is more than four years old.

Kimberley Brown speaks to former guerillas after president who vowed to rip up peace deal elected.

This article is more than four years old.

Kimberley Brown interviews former presidential candidate Piedad Cordoba, who explains the high stakes.

Julian, one of many guerrillas in Colombia’s Bellavista prison.

This article is more than four years old.

Guerrillas talk about the peace process. Alicia Prager reports.

This article is more than four years old.

Don’t cut Oxfam’s support – we need it to root out abuse, says Colombian feminist Gloria Sanchez.

Illicit crops are still the only option for farmers like Arnulfo Perdomo.

This article is more than four years old.

Inside the deeply-rooted economy of cocaine production and trafficking in Colombia. Bram Ebus...

ELN interview: Guerrilla leader Pablo Beltrán of Colombia’s ELN talks to Mónica del Pilar Uribe Marín

This article is more than four years old.

‘Each person must say we won’t do this again.’ Guerrilla leader Pablo Beltrán of Colombia’s ELN talks to ...

This article is almost five years old.

Mónica del Pilar Uribe Marín praises Colombia’s best-known pedagogical export, Escuela Nueva.

This article is almost five years old.

Colombia’s Indigenous communities fight for cultural survival. Hazel Healy reports.


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