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Credit: Daniel Espinosa Guzman

Carole Concha Bell speaks to defiant protesters who have been met with violence and intimidation ahead of...


Carole Concha Bell on how projectionists have been censored for criticizing the Chilean government’s...

Soldiers patrol Santiago, Chile. (February, 2020) Credit: Daniel Guzman Espinoza

In Chile, state security forces are increasingly detaining, beating and harassing the volunteers of community-led soup...

Chile protests: A man reacts on the ground as he is confronted by a member of the security forces during a protest against Chile's government in Santiago, Chile on 20 December 2019. REUTERS/Pablo Sanhueza

This article is more than one year old.

The violent crackdown against Chilean protesters is reviving painful memories of dictatorship. Roxana Olivera...

A demonstrator wearing a Guy Fawkes mask waves a Mapuche indigenous flag during a protest against Chile's government in Santiago, Chile October 31, 2019. REUTERS/Henry Romero

This article is more than one year old.

The relocation of the UN climate summit to Spain is a distraction from growing state repression.

Demonstrators riot during an anti-government rally in Valparaiso A demonstrator takes part in an anti-government rally after Chile's President Sebastian Pinera delivered a speech inside the national Congress at Valparaiso, Chile, June 1, 2019. REUTERS/Rodrigo Garrido

This article is almost two years old.

With severe police violence on the rise, many fear the country is sliding back into an era of Pinochet-style repression,...

Feminist students have occupied universities across Chile.

This article is almost three years old.

Chilean feminists have taken over university buildings until inequality is tackled. Giulia Dessi reports....

A Fantastic Woman

This article is more than three years old.

‘Transcendent and deeply moving from the first to the last’: our March film reviews.

 Chile elections: Beatriz Sanchez, leader of the insurgent leftwing coalition, Broad Front.

This article is more than three years old.

Does this presidential run-off mark a new dawn for Chile? Luis Hernán Vargas Faulbaum asks.

This article is almost five years old.

Do the mining company's shareholders know about the risks to their investments? Steffen Böhm and ...

This article is more than five years old.

Roxana Olivera meets the documentary filmmaker renowned for delving into Chile’s dark past.

This article is more than seven years old.

David Ransom on plans to dig the biggest hole in the world and what it could mean to local biodiversity.

This article is almost eight years old.

The best way to commemorate those who died under Pinochet is to continue in their struggle for equality and justice, writes...

This article is almost eight years old.

A date now inextricably linked with the US has another meaning entirely for those who suffered under Pinochet's dictatorship,...

This article is almost eight years old.

This September marks the 40th anniversary of Chile’s coup d’état. David Ransom considers what we can learn...

This article is more than eight years old.

Mischa Wilmers meets the activists fighting against industrial pollution – and for their health and...


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