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The tragic, heroic story of Congo’s first prime minister. By ILYA.

The powerful shackdweller’s social movement is mobilizing against assassinations in South Africa. Richard ...

How did we get to the point where two African countries are trying to shut down our aid funded schools? Nick Dearden...

These latest announcements look like a modern-day scramble for Africa, Kate Osamor writes.

Guns will only take you so far in the fight against the jihadist rebels, Hazel Healy discovers.

A youth is escorted by Kenyan police officers as dozens of houses are being demolished to make way for a new road in the Kibera slum in Nairobi.

Nanjala Nyabola on Kenya’s embrace of the Chinese development model.


Wame Molefhe profiles Botswana, where prosperity has morphed into corruption and...

Global South workers in the digital platform-enabled gig economy are beginning to organize. Alex J. Wood...

Herero who survived the genocide after escaping through the Omaheke desert. Photo from the Galerie Bassenge via Wikimedia Commons.

Communities that were decimated by Germany’s forgotten genocide are now demanding justice. Gouri Sharma...

Isaias Afwerki

We put the President of Eritrea’s track record – liberation fighter turned ruthless dictator – under the spotlight....

A demonstrator demands her return to the Chagos Islands during a protest outside the Houses of Parliament, 2008. Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Winning

Decades after the UK made them exiles, their children and grandchildren now face expulsion. Katie McQue...

U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Saratoga anchored at the Diego Garcia naval base in the 1980s.

Revealed: Ships at the controversial naval base are crammed dangerously close. Katie McQue reports.

Zuma’s trial is just one symptom of South Africa’s problems, Neil Thompson reports.

Richard Swift on Ethiopia's new reforming PM.

Sally Hayden writes about the trauma of history.

Kabyle football

Alessio Perrone reports on Algeria’s marginalized Kabylia region, where a minority’s struggle has spilled...


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