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A screenshot from Lush’s spycops campaign

Lush’s exposure of spycop wrongs will improve policing, Jenny Jones argues.

A global social movement is rising. It is open, participatory and public, writes Jamie Kelsey-Fry.

The French government has abandoned plans to build a controversial airport – but is still evicting the ZAD...

The Stansted 15 have exposed the hypocrisy of Britain, Ann Pettifor argues.

Sand dredgers

In Koh Kong province, Cambodia a band of Mother Nature activists have scored a victory in the battle...

Norwegian activists are challenging ‘white-saviour’ attitudes that over-simplify poverty writes ...

Are you a non-black person unsure of how to support black struggles? Kristina Wong has some ideas for you...

Gina Lopez

The fiery Filipino environmentalist talks to Veronique Mistiaen.

‘People are intolerant towards Dalits speaking up,’ says Ravali Medari, a student activist at the University of Hyderabad.

Ravali Medari was moved to take up political activism alongside her academic work. Meena Kandasamy...

Rev Billy walks with UNITE through the streets of Liverpool

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir encourage other activists to think out of the box to reach...

Colonizing civil society

Political strategists brainstorm ways to remove democratic impediments to their bosses’ plans.

Catalonia background: Catalan revolutionaries get ready for action to defend their revolution from Franco back in 1936.

Taking the long view of fearless resistance. By Kevin Buckland, writing from Barcelona.

Anti-fracking campaigner Tina Rothery writes on what keeps her fighting back.

Mark Engler revisits America’s bold fight against HIV/AIDS.

A mining firm is suing Romania over an environmentalist decision. By Alessio Perrone.

Environmental defenders are dying, but winning important fights, writes Fran Lambrick.


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