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Cambridge Analytica – the disbanded data analytics company that allegedly used its software to create and disseminate hateful and inciting messages – in relation to Trump and Brexit, the company also played a nefarious role disseminating fake news in Africa.  In Nigeria, it tried to influence the 2015 election

This article is almost three years old.

Misinformation is rife, but it’s nothing new, writes Nanjala Nyabola.

Photo from the relaunch issue of New Internationalist

This article is almost three years old.

It's finally here. Issue 515, the relaunch magazine, has officially landed!

The front cover of New Internationalist’s redesigned September magazine

This article is almost three years old.

The making of #NI515: why we went for Tim Hetherington’s portrait from Liberia as the relaunch cover for the redesigned...

Selma Dabbagh

Writer Selma Dabbagh speaks to Rahila Gupta about reclaiming Arab women’s sexuality.

Coal-fired power station

An international energy agreement could leave governments across the Global South exposed to expensive lawsuits from...

A climate activist fears what impact a conviction could have on their future and turns to Agony Uncle. 

Esther Ze Naw and Ei Thinzar  Maung lead the first large-scale protests against  the coup in Yangon, 6 February 2021.  MYAT THU KYAW/NUR PHOTO/GETTY

Thin Lei Win believes the Myanmar military’s reign of terror might be leading a long-divided nation onto a...

South Africa’s recent uprisings have revealed how much of a tinderbox the country is, argues Glen Retief....

The parents of one-year-old Thin  Thawdaw Tun carry their injured daughter, who  received treatment from volunteer medics. A rubber  bullet fired by the security forces hit her in the eye,  while she was inside the family home. PANOS PICTURES

Not even young lives have been spared by the junta. Maung Moe reports on a day of shame.

Sayragul Sauytbay on being forced to teach propaganda in a concentration camp for Uyghur...

Election faker Lukashenko keeps clinging to power.

Tree-planting overkill? There literally isn’t enough room on the planet to host all the corporate carbon offsetting plans. NIKOLA JOVANOVIC/UNSPLASH

Is there more to carbon offsetting than greenwash? Danny Chivers explores.

Free-walking (‘trespassing’) is vital to building community-wide knowledge of local ecosystems.

Dave Bangs makes the case for universal freedom to roam, and explains why he will be joining a mass...

Photo by Fred Murphy is licensed under CC BY-ND-NC 1.0.

Over the next two years, our new series will explore pathways to peace and environmental protection.

West Papua Students, Alliance of People's Unity for Liberation of West Papua demonstrated in Yogyakarta, in August, 2019 against racism and called for independence for their region. (Credit Image: © Slamet Riyadi/ZUMA Wire)

Klas Lundström examines the humanitarian crisis in West Papua as people continue to struggle for self-...


Ugandan autocrat Yoweri Museveni digs his heels in yet again. 


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