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As part of its investigation into firms cashing in on the energy crisis, Corporate Watch turns a critical...

Credit: Andy Carter

This article is more than one year old.

Alex Cobham envisions a global body to clamp down on tax dodging.

Sunset in the capital, Yangon. SNAPT PHOTOGRAPHY/ALAMY

Preeti Jha profiles the Southeast Asian nation, two years on from its military takeover.


Like father, like son? The new Filipino president is the product of his parents’ politics – and the centre-left’s failure.

Protestors in Panama City  in July 2022 demand the government puts a  ceiling on the price of fuel, food and medicines. ERICK MARCISCANO/REUTERS/ALAMY

As the cost of living crisis becomes entrenched, Nick Dowson examines the scene of the crime, tracks down...

Artists and activists from BP or not BP? disrupt the BP Portrait Award in London, England, on 10 June 2019. MARK KERRISON/ALAMY

Danny Chivers shares some good news for the climate.

Illustration: Simon Kneebone

Prices getting you down? Spare a thought for the rich, says Vanessa Baird – those booming profits won’t count...

Construction workers wait for a bus after a shift on Al-Adaid Street in West Bay. Doha, Qatar, February 1, 2014 Credit: Alex Sergeev

Our new columnist Rosebell Kagumire illustrates the dangers faced by migrant workers in the Gulf States. 

Prices of everyday essentials are spiralling around the world, increasing poverty as they leave wages behind. But misery for...

Vanessa Baird traces how Peru’s political turmoil swiftly tipped into bloody state violence.

Dylan Sullivan and Jason Hickel investigate how neoliberal policies have led to the deaths...

A Bangladeshi family is photographed worshiping at the Cave Hira in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Hijab – how far can the state dictate a woman’s choice? 

Women sift stones for building material at the abandoned slagheap of the Chinese-owned Luanshya Copper Mine, in Kitwe, Zambia. ​​​​​​​Credit: Joerg Boethling/Alamy 

Debt crises are back with a vengeance as the dollar goes from strength to strength and interest rates rise. As the...

Mural by Dan Manrique Arias

Solidarity Economy Association makes the case for building movements based on international co-operation...

Flickr: Jeso Carneiro

Leonardo Sakamoto on Brazil’s vote-buying scandals.

Image description: A woman tries to keep warm with blankets in an unheated home. Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels.

As part of its investigative deep dive into energy firms cashing in on the cost of living crisis, Corporate Watch...


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