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Photo from the relaunch issue of New Internationalist

It's finally here. Issue 515, the relaunch magazine, has officially landed!

The front cover of New Internationalist’s redesigned September magazine

The making of #NI515: why we went for Tim Hetherington’s portrait from Liberia as the relaunch cover for the redesigned...

More than 100,000 protesters are set to march on Parliament on Saturday to demand a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

Vanessa Baird on why she will be marching in London on Saturday

Vanessa Baird looks ahead at how things could be.

Tom Whyman gives us totally normal, practical ways we can undo the climate meltdown

The powerful shackdweller’s social movement is mobilizing against assassinations in South Africa. Richard ...

Privatization now comes cloaked in the language of social movements, warns campaigner Jo Land.

The Left faces an uphill task in Brazil, Jan Rocha reports.

Frances Guy makes a plea for traditional diplomacy in the age of the Trumpian tweet.

The road to peace in Colombia: the funeral in April 2017 of indigenous leader Gerson Acosta, among the hundreds killed since the peace deal of 2016.

Colombia’s peace deal promised the return of stolen lands. But it isn’t so easy to achieve, Mira Galanova...

Husna Rizvi is inspired by Labour’s fringe festival

Meaningful solutions to Palestine require taking on the arms trade, Husna Rizvi reports.

Allegations that Facebook and other platforms have bias in content moderation decisions may not be so far fetched, ...

Nilanjana Bhowmick takes apart the latest viral hashtag campaign for the religious takeover of secular...

Mark Engler argues that US foreign policy historically has helped give rise to the current administration's...

The country’s economic influence may be buying silence on a massive human rights violation. Nithin Coca...


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