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  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/04/mixed-media-spotlight-steve-chandra-savale-asian-dub-foundation

    Spotlight: Steve Chandra Savale of Asian Dub Foundation

    Steve Chandra Savale speaks to Subi Shah about music for spiritual change and social justice.
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    Slapped down

    The rich and powerful are using ruinous lawsuits to target journalists and activists who hold them to account. Tina Burrett explores the threat.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/04/feature-please-continue-not-sponsor-child

    Please continue to not sponsor this child

    Kathleen Nolan examines a simplistic non-solution to complex problems.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/04/feature-dragon-and-bear-roof-world

    The dragon and the bear on the roof of the world

    Cash-strapped but strategically important, Tajikistan is undergoing rapid change with its future increasingly being shaped by a power play between China and Russia. Klas Lundström reports.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/04/turkey-lgbt-long-world-keeps-running

    ‘As long as the world keeps running, we’ll be here’

    Branded as terrorists by President Erdoğan’s hardline regime, LGBTQI+ people in Turkey are finding ways to express themselves and build solidarity, writes Tuğçe Özbiçer.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/04/what-if-we-said-no-concrete

    What if…we said ‘no’ to concrete?

    The world is turning grey as more and more concrete is poured. Vanessa Baird posits an alternative.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/04/mixed-media-film

    The alternative film review

    Malcolm Lewis on two hidden gems of British cinema.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/02/07/silvia-moreno-garcia

    Spotlight: Silvia Moreno-Garcia

    Novelist Silvia Moreno-Garcia pushes back against the stereotypes associated with Latin American culture. By Graeme Green.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/02/07/long-read-politics-futility

    The politics of futility

    Our deep desire for change is continually thwarted by the limiting political choices on offer. Political theorist and philosopher Neil Vallely digs into the roots of apathy and polarization.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/04/letter-buenos-aires-blackout

    Letter from Buenos Aires: the big blackout

    Being forced to go without electricity sparks thoughts about living differently for Virginia Tognola.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/02/07/iraq-women-landmines

    Feel the fear and carry on

    In Iraq a growing number of women are now doing the dangerous work of removing landmines – previously a male preserve. Adrian Margaret Brune reports.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/29/10-steps-abolition

    10 steps towards prison abolition

    A world without incarceration and police may seem a long way off, but there are plenty of things we can change on the way. Amy Hall examines some of them.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/02/07/abolition-education-england

    Abandoned: Abolition in education

    England’s schools funnel its most marginalized young people towards the criminal justice system, writes Zahra Bei. But educators and young people are reimagining what’s possible.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/27/un-csw-climate-rights

    Feminists challenge inaction at UN summit

    Conservative anti-rights groups, and the failure of rich nations to take responsibility for climate change, threatened to block progress at this year’s women’s rights conference, writes Umyra Ahmad.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/02/07/so-what-alternative-police-prisons-abolition

    So, what’s the alternative?

    Community-based initiatives are helping keep people safe where the police fail. Lucilla Harrell and Amy Hall speak to organizers in Puerto Rico, Brazil and the US.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/02/07/healed-people-prisons

    Healed people heal people

    Writing from a Californian prison, Jessie Milo sets out his vision for a more caring society.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/04/agony-uncle

    Agony uncle: ‘My friend thinks she is an ethical tax dodger’

    Ethical and political dilemmas abound these days. Seems like we’re all in need of a New Internationalist perspective. Enter stage: Agony Uncle
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/04/hall-infamy-joe-manchin

    Hall of infamy: Joe Manchin

    The US Republicans’ favourite Democrat.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/20/trapped-wait

    Trapped in wait

    The UK’s asylum process consistently fails LGBTQI+ asylum seekers, and it’s only set to get worse as the government pushes through its draconian Nationality and Borders Bill. Amy Hall speaks to someone stuck in the system
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/04/view-india

    Bring on the marriage strike

    Some Indian men are threatening a marriage strike for a most dubious reason. Nilanjana Bhowmick tells them to bring it on.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/18/arms-factory-peace-volunteers

    Inside the ‘arsenal of peace’

    As volunteers prepare aid for Ukrainian refugees, Simone Lai reports from Italy’s largest arms factory – which still works 24-hours a day, but for social justice.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/04/temperature-check

    Can we banish polluters from billboards?

    Is it time we banned ads from greenwashing fossil fuel companies? Danny Chivers has some answers.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/02/07/everyday-abolition-resisting-cop-our-heads

    Resisting the cop in our heads

    Abolition can be an everyday practice. Sarah Lamble explores how.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/02/07/colonize-and-punish

    Colonize and punish

    Mass imprisonment and merciless policing were the preferred tools of control for European colonizers. Patrick Gathara explores the legacy left in Kenya.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/11/more-coal-wont-fix-uk-energy-crisis

    More coal won’t fix the UK’s energy crisis

    Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, plans to expand a coal mine in South Wales are being touted as a way to solve Britain’s energy woes. Daniel Therkelsen of Coal Action Network explains why it’s is bad news.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/08/volunteers-shouldering-ukraine-humanitarian-response

    The volunteers shouldering Ukraine’s humanitarian response

    Mutual aid networks in Ukraine have stepped up to support those in need across the country, writes Tina Burrett.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/04/view-brazil

    Racism’s deadly cycle

    Leonardo Sakamoto on his country's lethal pattern of racism.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/02/07/big-story-abolition-beyond-punishment

    Beyond punishment

    Amy Hall explores the movement calling time on prisons and the police while offering an alternative vision of the future.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/02/07/feature-stolen-treasures

    Stolen treasures

    Taken during a violent British raid, the Benin bronzes have sat in Western museums and private collections for over a century. Kieron Monks reports on Nigeria’s battle to get them back and what it means for the wider push to return works robbed from Africa.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/04/view-africa

    War and the attention economy

    Why do so many devastating wars quickly disappear from public consciousness? Nanjala Nyabola examines our attention.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/01/why-are-you-killing-us-ukraine

    ‘Why are you killing us?’

    Is the war in Ukraine reaching a stalemate and is Russia showing signs of taking a step back? Having recently returned from the country, Francesca Ebel explores how Russia’s invasion has progressed over the past few weeks.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/04/01/ukraine-kyiv-war

    Defiance in Kyiv

    As lives are turned upside down by war, Bennett Murray reports from Kyiv on the defiant mood in the Ukrainian capital.
  • New Internationalist image for /immersive/2022/03/30/our-culture-vanishing-amazon-brazil-indigenous

    ‘Our culture is vanishing’

    In the Amazon rainforest, remote communities descended from enslaved African people, are taking on the palm oil production that threatens their land. Miguel Pinheiro reports.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/03/29/left-colombia-election

    Could the Left take power in Colombia?

    With the South American country closer than ever to electing a leftwing government, Nick MacWilliam explores what it could mean for peace and human rights.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/02/07/feature-children-right-be-forgotten

    A child’s right to be forgotten

    Roxana Olivera tells a cautionary tale of her dogged attempts to get an abusive, intrusive photograph – taken without its subject’s consent – removed from the internet.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2022/03/25/scotland-p-and-o-workers-protest

    Scottish ship workers stand defiant

    A recent wave of mass redundancies from P&O ferries has triggered outrage. Conrad Landin reports from Cairnryan, Scotland, where the movement to restore jobs is gaining momentum.