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  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/03/30/could-international-ecocide-law-be-around-corner

    Could an international ecocide law be around the corner?

    Lawyers are drafting a legal definition of ecocide which could lead to prosecutions at the International Criminal Court. Anthony Langat explores how this could impact environmental justice struggles in Kenya and beyond.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/08/interview-michael-fakhri-fjf

    The interview: Michael Fakhri

    Michael Fakhri, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, has a bold vision for a trade system that reflects how people actually eat.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/03/23/uk-pursued-vaccine-nationalism-now-paying-price

    The UK pursued vaccine nationalism – now it’s paying the price

    Having blocked proposals from Global South countries to suspend intellectual property on Covid-19 vaccines, the UK is now on the receiving end of global vaccine politics, writes Nick Dearden.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/03/17/business-interests-have-hijacked-un-food-summit-fjf-emergency

    Business interests have hijacked the UN food summit

    Small farmers, social movements and human rights are being elbowed out, says Kirtana Chandrasekaran.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/08/what-if-we-banned-intensive-farming-animals-fjf

    What if…we banned the intensive farming of animals?

    Hazel Healy imagines an end to cheap meat.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/08/view-india

    Saving the Sundarbans

    Nilanjana Bhowmick on the double whammy of natural disaster and Covid-19 that has brought a vulnerable ecosystem to the brink.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/08/love-and-other-conspiracies

    Love and other conspiracies

    Laxmi Murthy reports on the theory of ‘love jihad’ that is sweeping across India.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/08/view-africa

    Summon the artists

    Art is essential to building a better future, writes Nanjala Nyabola.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/08/temperature-check

    Carbon capture – still a pipe dream?

    Danny Chivers weighs up the evidence on carbon-capture technologies and finds them wanting.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/03/10/fukushima-communities-are-building-sustainable-future

    Fukushima communities are building a sustainable future

    Ten years on from the devastating nuclear disaster, citizens are working together to show that nuclear power and fossil fuels are not the only way. Tina Burrett visits the red zone.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/03/09/yemen-not-starving-yemen-being-starved

    Yemen is not starving, Yemen is being starved

    While the UN calls for international aid to avert famine in Yemen, the UK slashes its contribution. Sam Perlo-Freeman explains what’s at stake for ordinary Yemenis.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/03/07/peace-talks-need-women

    Peace talks need women

    Women in war zones are the best peace-makers, yet they rarely get a place at negotiation tables dominated by men. Iranian gender activist and senior adviser to the UN Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini is working to change that.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/08/defibrillating-democracy

    Defibrillating democracy

    A kickstart for a habitable future. Claire Mellier and Rich Wilson make the case for citizens’ assemblies.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/08/long-read-barefoot-surgeons

    Barefoot surgeons

    In the absence of enough trained doctors, reliance on other, less-qualified health workers is growing in the Global South. Physician Neil Singh’s exploration begins with a personal encounter. 
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/08/hall-infamy-jeff-bezos

    Hall of infamy: Jeff Bezos

    Why bully boy Bezos can’t stop smirking.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/25/what-kind-world-do-we-want-retire

    What kind of world do we want to retire into?

    As a new report exposes the billions of pounds invested in fossil fuels by UK local government pension funds, Platform’s Laurie Mompelat questions who we can trust with the future.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/25/have-your-say-improving-press-standards

    Have your say on improving press standards

    The UK regulator IMPRESS is calling for evidence on press standards relating to discrimination, harassment, online journalism and other issues.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2020/12/07/limits-eden

    The limits of eden

    Indigenous people living in Peru’s Manu National Park have been locked out of its management. Could change be on the horizon? asks Jack Lo Lau.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/08/big-story-democracy-democracy-edge

    Democracy on the edge

    Unloved and under threat from several sides, democracy seems to be in peril. Should it be saved – or helped to change? Vanessa Baird investigates.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2020/12/07/beyond-tourist-trail

    Beyond the tourist trail

    Conservationists in the Global South are seeking sustainable pathways, finds Graeme Green.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2020/12/07/wasp-biodiversity-why-i-matter

    Why I matter

    A tiny but fierce hunter explains to Seirian Sumner why humans need it around.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2020/12/07/what-it-takes

    What it takes

    Four case histories of extraordinary efforts to save threatened species. 
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2020/12/07/indigenous-people-respect-all-species

    ‘Indigenous people respect all species’

    An interview with environmental activist Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/16/why-coup-bad-news-myanmar-ethnic-minorities

    Why the coup is bad news for Myanmar’s ethnic minorities

    Despite significant ongoing problems, life has changed for many minority communities since the military last ruled. Now those gains risk being lost, says Tina Burrett.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/15/forest-defenders-under-fire-cambodia

    Forest defenders under fire in Cambodia

    Authorities in charge of protecting the massive Prey Lang forest in Northern Cambodia are intent on harassing environmental activists rather than nabbing illegal loggers. Mary Menton and Justine Taylor report.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/13/myanmar-internet-shutdown

    Myanmar’s internet shutdown

    The recent post-coup wave of internet shutdowns and disruptions is an unsettling escalation of a global problem, writes Michael Caster.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/08/view-brazil

    View from Brazil

    While Argentina wins abortion rights, in Brazil even a pregnant 10-year-old is threatened and coerced to give birth, writes Leonardo Sakamoto.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/02/10/new-frontier-uk-coal

    A new frontier for UK coal?

    Daniel Therkelsen of Coal Action Network looks at how plans for the mine made it this far and how local people are stepping up to fight it.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2020/12/07/big-story-biodiversity-case-nature

    The case for nature

    As the alarm sounds on the sixth mass extinction, Dinyar Godrej squares up to what we need to do to avert it.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2020/12/07/country-profile-argentina-glance

    Country Profile: Argentina

    Massive foreign debts and an impoverished population are intensifying age-old conflicts over natural resources in this multicultural nation, writes Amy Booth.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2020/12/07/agony-uncle

    ‘I dream of opening a brewery, but is promoting alcohol wrong?’

    When alcohol causes so much damage is it unethical to set up a brewery? Our Agony Uncle responds.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2020/12/07/long-read-finntopia


    Danny Dorling and Annika Koljonen explain how Finland has come to be so equal, peaceful and happy – and sketch out the lessons we might learn from its example.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2020/12/07/mixed-media-film

    The alternative film review

    Malcolm Lewis on the latest releases in parallel cinema: The Mole Agent (El agente topo), directed and written by Maite Alberdi; African Apocalypse, directed and co-written by Rob Lemkin.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2020/12/07/mixed-media-spotlight-tse-tse-fly-middle-east

    Spotlight: Tse Tse Fly Middle East

    Louise Gray turns her attention to the anti-slavery musical activism of Tse Tse Fly Middle East.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/01/25/why-are-indian-farmers-angry

    Why are Indian farmers angry?

    With the government trying out a variety of ploys to derail the mass movement, Indian farmers are determined to resist until their demands are met. Tarun Gidwani explains why they have been forced to act.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2021/01/22/cartoon-history-otto-rene-castillo-guatemala

    Cartoon history: Otto René Castillo

    ILYA sets ‘Apolitical Intellectuals’ to a modern tune, as he remembers the life of the Guatemalan revolutionary poet.