In our section on strikes you can learn how workers are taking on the world’s most powerful companies. From the McStrikers to Amazon warehouse workers and Uber drivers, our insightful coverage explores the deterioration of workers’ rights through the gig economy. We look at how workers are organizing to stamp out new exploitative practices, the role of trade unions and the ongoing legacy of iconic strikes today. Below you’ll find articles exploring this topic.

  • New Internationalist image for /features/2020/06/01/cant-pay-wont-pay-rent-strike-covid

    Can’t pay, won’t pay

    The Covid-19 crisis has triggered an international rent strike. Amy Hall reports on the housing activists hoping to build strong networks of solidarity as financial crisis and mass evictions loom.
  • New Internationalist image for /features/2019/04/09/real-education-happens-outside-classroom

    ‘Real education happens outside the classroom’

    Pacific Climate Warrior Brianna Fruean and Anna Taylor of the UK school strikes movement share notes over what inspires them and how to avoid activist burnout.