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Former Kamlari slave girls pave the way for change in Nepal

By speaking out about their experiences, survivors have helped change society, reports Kevin Childs.

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Saudi abuse scandal rocks India

A recent, shocking case underlines the dangers of diplomatic immunity, argues Mari Marcel Thekaekara.

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Free the seafood slaves

Migrant workers are still being violently abused in the Thai fishing industry, reports Steve Trent.

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Slavery still widespread in Mauritania

Shortly after modern-day slave masters are sent to prison in the UK, Iris Gonzales reminds us the practice is still alive in parts of Africa.

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Confessions of the Torturer

Torture is used not to protect people but to terrorize them. Eduardo Galeano examines its uses and abuses.

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Going Cheap

Filed in: Economics Human Rights Slavery

  • August 5, 2001
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Dollars And Sense

Filed in: Slavery Sudan

  • August 5, 2001
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Abolition Encore!

Filed in: Human Rights Slavery

  • August 5, 2001
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