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Your language makes you who you are

On International Mother Tongue Day, Jo Lateu explains why our 7,000-plus global languages must be valued and protected. 

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Google’s T's & C's are harder to understand than War and Peace

Laura Hood investigates Literatin, the plug-in that rates written material based on its ‘gobbledygook’ score.

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New Internationalist for EFL/ESOL

A new free resource for English learners and teachers.

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A despot's disgrace

Uzbek protestors flee after bloody crackdown.

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Reds implode

The spectre of Stalinism still lingers as the Communist Party of the Philippines steps up its programme of assassinating political opponents.

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Buried alive

A devastating industrial accident in Bangladesh puts the spotlight on global sweatshops

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  • July 1, 2005
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