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Can co-operatives crowd out capitalism?

Wayne Ellwood argues that co-ops – democratic, community-focused – offer an egalitarian way out of our current mess.

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The credit union boom

Fed up with being fleeced, North Americans are flocking to co-operative savings societies. Wayne Ellwood reports.

Filed in: Canada Co-operatives Finance

Pay your interns!

As a campaign is launched to stop the exploitation of interns, office manager Anna Weston explains the paid internship programme at New Internationalist.

Filed in: Co-operatives Trade Unions Work Youth

Working together

A common vision has joined two major players in the labour and co-op movements. Erbin Crowell considers the implications.

Filed in: Co-operatives Trade Unions

Get going

Where to start and who to talk to if you want to set up a co-op of your own.

Filed in: Co-operatives

  • June 1, 2004
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The story so far

A brief history of the international co-operative movement.

Filed in: Co-operatives History

  • June 1, 2004
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Of caulkers and quilt-makers

African Americans have a long co-operative tradition. Jessica Gordon Nembhard uncovers some of it.

Filed in: Co-operatives History Race United States

  • June 1, 2004
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Killing distrust

Cocoa farmers in Ghana, says Kwabena Sarpong Akosah, have every reason to join the Kuapa Kokoo co-op.

Filed in: Co-operatives Ghana

  • June 1, 2004
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Sex workers with attitude

Mari Marcel Thekaekara explains how raw woman power in Kolkata (Calcutta), India, has ruffled a few feathers and made a big difference.

Filed in: Co-operatives India Prostitution

  • June 1, 2004
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Not so crazy

Amanda Roll-Pickering tells the story of a disused slate quarry in Wales that is now at the cutting edge of clean energy.

Filed in: Co-operatives Energy United Kingdom Wales

  • June 1, 2004
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The pollen and the bees

Economic collapse in Argentina forced thousands of workers to occupy their own places of work. Joseph Huff-Hannon reports on the aftermath.

Filed in: Argentina Co-operatives

  • June 1, 2004
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