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Country Profile: Guatemala

The country’s unequal wealth distribution and rapid population growth have made it one of the poorest in Latin America, writes Anna-Claire Bevan.

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How to nail a dictator

A new film is testament to ‘never giving up’, as Anna Bevan reports from Guatemala.

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Time’s up for Guatemala’s ex-president

Accused of money-laundering and fraud, Alfonso Portillo’s luck could be running out, explains Anna Bevan.

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I am the first to divorce for Guatemala

Guatemalans go to the polls on 11 September - but despite an embarrassment of candidates, many fear it’s a case of simply hoping that the least bad option wins.

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Indigenous mothers-to-be: not mothers enough?

Pregnant women from indigenous communities face multiple layers of discrimination. As leaders gather in New York to discuss progress on the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, Cheryl Gallagher explains why statistics only tell half the story.

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A Canadian filmmaker wins damages from the government

Canadian ambassador to Guatemala guilty of slander

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Cook feels the heat

Canadian ambassador to Guatemala guilty of slander

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Battle for the truth

Conflicted history in Armenia, Cambodia, Guatemala, East Timor and Japan.

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  • July 5, 2003
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Efrain Rios Montt

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  • September 5, 2001
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