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El Salvador

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Young women caught in deadly crossfire of El Salvador’s gang warfare

There is a whole generation behind bars, writes Amy Smith.

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Fighting for a life free from fear

Guadalupe Cortés talks to women in El Salvador who are tackling male violence in gang territories.

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Country profile: El Salvador

Louisa Reynolds on a country of great inequality still struggling with a legacy of civil war.

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Low-intensity warfare, high-intensity death

Loretta van der Horst takes a look behind El Salvador’s new Iron Fist approach.

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Gang warfare takes over El Salvador

Guadalupe Cortés Vega analyses the homicide crisis.

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Truth and Fantasy

Mark Engler accuses the US of twisting El Salvador’s history to suit its foreign policy interests in Iraq.

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Romero remembered

In memoriam Archbishop Romero, murdered in El Salvador 25 years ago.

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El Salvador

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  • October 5, 2003
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El Salvador

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  • August 5, 1993
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