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Our land, our freedom

Rural communities in Spain are reclaiming their farmland. Pablo Rabasco reports.

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Resisting evictions Spanish style

The fallout the property bubble is mass homelessness. Melissa García Lamarca records how public anger has galvanized the movement for housing justice.

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Spain’s brain drain

Dan Hancox on the skilled young people who, after thirty years of Spanish democracy, are finding their options increasingly limited.

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The Spanish miners’ fight is our fight too

As thousands protest in Madrid against mining subsidy cuts, Alan Hughes argues we should all resist reckless austerity measures.

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Frontline Africans: migrants hit by Europe's economic decline

What can African migrant workers do when faced with rising unemployment and racism in Europe? Sarah Babiker reports from Spain and Argentina.

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Spain’s slow-burning revolution

Gemma Galdon gives a quick introduction to the Spanish movement that sparked a worldwide revolt against the global financial system.

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Spain versus the despots

The international round-up continues with Spain’s attempt to put dictators worldwide on trial.

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  • April 5, 2003
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How to be reconciled with an oil-spill

Horatio Morpurgo writes from the devastated coast of Galicia in the wake of the Prestige disaster.

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Empty houses, full shelters

Spain’s homeless left out of the country’s second-home boom.

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