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The Manchester bombing and the battle for peace

It’s hard to speak the truth when grief and anger are at their peak, writes Mari Marcel Thekaekara.

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UK General Election: Mourning the Manchester bombing

Politics isn’t something that can actually be put on hold, writes Abi Wilkinson.

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UK General Election: What are the foreign policy implications?

Voters are caught between choice and media disinformation, writes Mark Curtis.

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UK General Election: ‘Big Organizing’ crosses the pond

Theresa May’s snap election announcement left many progressive organizations scrambling to start campaigning for changes to the electoral system, writes Kim Bryan.

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Let's make this election campaign hate-free – for once

Fizza Qureshi and Helen Drewery write an open letter to candidates and commentators to improve the standards of the British election campaign

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Why do 3 million children go hungry over school holidays in the world's fifth richest country?

More and more households use food banks and struggle to make ends meet without free school meals, writes Paul Donovan

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Meet the volunteers breaking Ukraine's trauma taboo

Michiel Driebergen and Alex Masi tell the story of Ukranians providing much-needed psychological support in war-torn areas.

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Why are there still British military bases in Cyprus?

The island may want to determine its own future, but Britain and the US have other ideas. Darren Loucaides reports.

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Could the French election overturn old sexual tropes?

Many have commented on the age gap between France’s Presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron and his older partner, but what does it mean? asks Mari Marcel Thekaekara.

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Punk-anthem ‘God Save the Queen’ turns 40

The Sex Pistols’ song helped reconnect rock music with culture, participation and rebellion around the world, writes Peter Kenworthy.

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UK General Election: Why can’t I vote?

Peter Kenworthy, British Citizen based in Denmark, tried to register to vote for the next UK general elections, and discovered he can’t.

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