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A sea returns to life, a sea slowly dies

Paul Lauener’s stirring report from the Aral Sea, scene of both environmental miracle and disaster.

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The Rough Guide to the Music of Afghanistan

By Various Artists

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I put a spell on you...

Zuhra Bahman gives the inside story on how male sorcerers are keeping women down in Afghanistan.

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A nation of extremes.

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No sanctuary

New Internationalist campaigner Zarlasht Halaimzai finds doors closed for Afghan refugees in Iran.

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Battle for the truth

Conflicted history in Armenia, Cambodia, Guatemala, East Timor and Japan.

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No refuge

Anguish of Chechens in exile

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Toxic time bomb

Tonnes of poorly contained radioactive waste threatens to become an ecological disaster in Central Asia. Gulnura Toralieva reports from Kyrgyzstan.

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