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A second chance

Rebecca Cooke meets young women in Mozambique who are defying the odds and resisting child marriage.

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Sup with the devil

Mozambican smallholders thought they could do a deal with agribusiness. Hazel Healy reports on how transnational OLAM treated its so-called partners.

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Facing the forest entrepreneurs

Communities are scrambling to protect their lands from tree plantations multiplying in Mozambique’s northern highlands. Hazel Healy reports.

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The smallholders’ last stand

A visit to Mozambique dispels any notion that big business is going to ‘feed Africa’. Hazel Healy reports on a land rush in full swing.

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Dying for a soup

An estimated 73 million sharks are slaughtered every year for their fins, with 110 species now facing extinction, reports Claire C.

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A Pound Of Flesh

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  • March 5, 1999
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A pound of flesh

Mozambique has huge debts – but talk of rescheduling is a big con-trick, as Joseph Hanlon explains.

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bata Exploded

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  • September 5, 1997
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