Using innovative forms of protest, new generations of activists are leading the global fight for social and environmental justice.
In recent years, governments have been toppled or forced into major policy shifts by protests in Armenia, India, Chile, Bangladesh and Serbia, to name a few. Fearless environmental activists have pushed authorities to finally take steps towards addressing the unfolding climate catastrophe. But authoritarian regimes – and supposedly liberal democracies – are pushing back with violence, repressive new laws and surveillance.
Here we highlight their stories of resistance, exploring how ordinary citizens are forcing change from the ground up from the Black Lives Matter movement through to Indigenous and LGBTQI+ rights, anti-war campaigns and environmental activism. Our original coverage also seeks to expose the tactics wielded by governments to crack down on the right to protest and the shrinking space for civil society.
Below are a selection of articles exploring the voices and movements striving for a more just and equitable world.