How can we meet everybody’s energy needs on a planet with finite resources?
In this section, New Internationalist discusses fossil fuels and the transition to renewable energy. In response to the rising cost of living, we investigate major players in the energy sector and highlight those profiting from the current energy crisis.

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    The dirt on Teodoro Obiang

    Time to take aim at the tyrannical President of Equatorial Guinea in this month's 'Worldbeater'.

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    Japan must say no to nuclear!

    Despite the Fukushima disaster, the Japanese government seems wedded to its nuclear vision. Outspoken politician Kono Taro has other ideas, as he explains to Tina Burrett.

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    Peru's dam busters

    Vanessa Baird discovers why the Asháninka people of the River Ene are taking a hard line against dam builders – and others.

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    Biofuels - the good, the bad and the ugly

    From wood to algae, biofuels have been around for years. But they're not necessarily all they're cracked up to be. Danny Chivers has the low-down.

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    Is nuclear power necessary for a carbon-free future?

    Environmentalists Chris Goodall and Jose Etcheverry argue for and against - plus your chance to join the debate.

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    The answer to climate change is social change

    Carbon offsets are not a solution. There are no quick fixes, time to ditch the guilt and get active argues Adam Ma’anit.

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    Gabon is a good example of why judging how well a country is doing by _per-capita_ income is just useless. It is oil-rich and yet half the population lives below the poverty line. World Bank/IMF strictures are doing their part to help keep it that way.

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    Chernobyl: a fever of forgetting

    As we approach the 20-year anniversary of the world's worst nuclear accident at Chernobyl, Magnum photographer Paul Fusco meets the children born years later but still suffering from its terrible legacy.

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    Fusion illusion

    Proponents of new fusion technology promise it will deliver clean and limitless power to the masses. Peter Montague is having a case of déjà-vu.

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    Cancer rates near nuclear stations – blight or ‘blip’?

    Recent scientific research suggests that higher cancer rates near nuclear power stations are a direct result of higher radiation exposure.

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    Nuclear is the new black

    Nuclear is becoming cool again, thanks to concerns over global warming. Adam Ma'anit thinks it's all just a lot of hot air.

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    Not so crazy

    Amanda Roll-Pickering tells the story of a disused slate quarry in Wales that is now at the cutting edge of clean energy.