Welcome to our Culture section. Here we explore vibrant and inspiring work from across the globe and examine issues such as identity, cultural appropriation, the role of art, globalization, sponsorship and the impact of digital technology on cultural practices.

We talk to leading cultural figures, exploring their politics, inspirations, and visions for the future.

We cover a range of topics including: art books film music media photography.

In our reviews, we analyse and critique both mainstream and independent book, film, and music, to help you discover thought-provoking movies, new sounds and page-turners that are too often ignored by mainstream media.

You’ll find coverage of events and festivals that showcase the diversity of cultural practices and traditions, highlighting the power of art to bring people together and promote social change. We also explore the ways in which power dynamics and colonial legacies continue to shape our cultural experiences.

Our aim is to foster a greater understanding of our complex world through the lens of culture, which is not just a passive reflection of our world, but an active participant in its transformation.