From the poles to the tropics, our planet is home to a rich diversity of species. Humanity’s survival is dependent upon the natural world. Yet, threatened with human-driven habitat loss and extinction, plants and animals are in urgent need of protection and conservation.
Here, we discuss the pressing need to prevent further biodiversity loss and assess the state of the world’s conservation pledges.

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    An Indian tale of inter-species solidarity

    All That Breathes is a strangely beautiful tale of India’s climate and political struggles. Husna Ara writes.

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    Paradise lost?

    A vast area of Namibia and Botswana is under threat from oil and gas exploration. Devastating consequences are feared for the people, wildlife and natural environment. Graeme Green reports on the fight to keep Kavango alive.

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    The limits of eden

    Indigenous people living in Peru’s Manu National Park have been locked out of its management. Could change be on the horizon? asks Jack Lo Lau.

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    Beyond the tourist trail

    Conservationists in the Global South are seeking sustainable pathways, finds Graeme Green.

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    Why I matter

    A tiny but fierce hunter explains to Seirian Sumner why humans need it around.

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    What it takes

    Four case histories of extraordinary efforts to save threatened species. 

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    The case for nature

    As the alarm sounds on the sixth mass extinction, Dinyar Godrej squares up to what we need to do to avert it.

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    How to bend the curve of biodiversity loss

    As the UN convenes the Biodiversity Summit in New York, Joji Cariño, Andy Whitmore, Milka Chepkorir and Claire Bracegirdle argue the case for centering the knowledge of indigenous people and local communities in the fight against biodiversity loss.

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    Who owns the sea?

    Vanessa Baird examines the free-for-all consensus when it comes to the world’s oceans, and its implications for our future.

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    Deep-sea dilemma

    Sea-bed mining promises many riches, but at great risk. Should we pause for thought? asks marine biologist Diva Amon.

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    Marine gene rush

    The race is on to patent all marine life – and some have got a head start. Marine scientist Robert Blasiak explains to Vanessa Baird what it means.

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    Radical lessons from bird watchers

    Meet the long-tailed tit: a one-species rebuke to ruthless Darwinism. Tom Whyman reports.

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    COP14: Corporate power and declining biodiversity

    Nele Marien explains the scale and cost of financial lobbying against biodiversity efforts.