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    A personal welcome

    In Canada, private sponsors are paying refugees’ resettlement costs. But should such a scheme be replicated elsewhere? Sian Griffiths reports.
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    Is Cambodia refusing to protect persecuted Christians?

    Deep in the Cambodian jungle, Clothilde Le Coz meets Vietnamese refugees seeking asylum.
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    No sanctuary

    In 1996, in the midst of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, my cousin Saboor, a fresh-faced and ambitious 20-year-old, left Afghanistan to seek refuge in Iran. He was hoping to find work and save enough money to migrate to Europe and get an education. He was never heard from again.
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    Upside down - the United Nations at 60

    Start with the prevailing disposition of power, trim your principles to fit, and you end up with an organization stood on its head. David Ransom spells out the consequences.