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    Turkey is running northern Syria dry

    Gisella Ligios reports from Rojava on the threat of food and water insecurity, and its impact on farming livelihoods.
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    ‘As long as the world keeps running, we’ll be here’

    Branded as terrorists by President Erdoğan’s hardline regime, LGBTQI+ people in Turkey are finding ways to express themselves and build solidarity, writes Tuğçe Özbiçer.
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    Defending Rojava

    As Turkey continues its assaults on Kurdish regions, the international campaign RiseUp4Rojava issues a call for solidarity in defence of the social revolution in North-East Syria.
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    Turkey ramps up war on Kurds in Northern Iraq 

    Turkish airstrikes in Northern Iraq are nothing new, but the recent co-ordinated air and ground assault is unprecedented, writes John Lubbuck.
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    Turkey is bent on extinguishing a beacon of women’s liberation in northern Syria. But the women of Rojava are not giving up, writes Dilar Dirik.
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    Betrayed again

    Under the cover of Covid-19, Turkey is hammering the Kurds. Again. Should the world care? Vanessa Baird offers several good reasons why it should.
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    Water as a weapon of war

    Turkey is restricting access to a vital life source for thousands of people in northeast Syria. A new crowdfunder is raising money for water infrastructure in the region, writes Jo Taylor from the campaign.
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    The assault on Rojava

    Rahila Gupta on why Turkey is encroaching on Rojava, an autonomous democratic commune fighting on the frontlines against ISIS.
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    Boycott Turkish holidays, say Kurds

    The Kurdish freedom movement has called for a boycott of Turkish goods and services. Sarah Wood reports.
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    İştar Gözaydın: from lectern to prison

    Academic İştar Gözaydıns first-hand experiences of the clampdown in Turkey.
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    ‘A state is not a solution to the Kurdish question’

    A rhetorical referendum, peace and radicalization: an explosive interview with Kurdish female leader Bese Hozat. By Karlos Zurutuza.
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    ‘I always carry Syria in my heart’

    Rana Taloo, a Syrian humanitarian aid worker on the Turkish-Syrian border, tells her story.
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    Obama and the denial of genocide

    This April, Barack Obama broke campaign promise #511, namely to explicitly acknowledge the Armenian genocide as US President. *Mickey Z* gets writer-activist *David Boyajian*’s take on the new President's approach.