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    Ending the artwash

    UK arts had largely ditched fossil fuel sponsorships after years of activism. Danny Chivers reports on how industry ties have been reshaped.
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    How activists are exposing the colonial history of museums

    Museums and colonialism are inextricably linked. Julio Etchart explores how projects in colonizing countries are wrestling with how to address that past.
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    The interview: Sofia Karim

    The outspoken artist and architect speaks to Subi Shah about art, architecture and activism.
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    The gift of writing

    Writing, reading, giving are all central to the history of humankind. Vanessa Baird visits a new exhibition showing how it all joins up – and may even change the world.
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    Returning Indigenous ancestors home to New Zealand/Aotearoa

    For centuries, museums have held human remains as artefacts. Hana Pera Aoake explored what can be learned from the programme driving the push to bring Māori and Moriori ancestors home?
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    Stolen treasures

    Taken during a violent British raid, the Benin bronzes have sat in Western museums and private collections for over a century. Kieron Monks reports on Nigeria’s battle to get them back and what it means for the wider push to return works robbed from Africa.