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    The pandemic has worsened Brazil’s hunger crisis

    A recent study suggests that as many as six in ten Brazilians are struggling to put food on the table, reports Beatriz Miranda.
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    Burkina Faso: coming undone

    Sam Mednick on Burkina Faso’s unfolding humanitarian crisis.
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    Fighting hunger with solidarity

    As employment dwindles and mass evictions loom, Keira Dignan and Frans Jansson speak to the grassroots food collective feeding Athens’ increasingly precarious population.
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    Out of sight, out of mind

    This Covid-19 crisis is not the ultimate leveller. Just like the financial crash of 2008, it is producing winners and losers. Husna Rizvi presents a round-up of the lesser known stories of social abandonment unfolding.
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    Argentina’s big squeeze

    Why is hunger growing in a country known as an agricultural powerhouse? Amy Booth reports from Buenos Aires.
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    Africa’s hidden hunger

    Chronic malnutrition fails to capture headlines, but is no less devastating for that, says Stefan Simanowitz.
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    Food Crisis - The Facts

    The increase in global food prices may have temporarily stalled but food is expected to remain at record price levels for the foreseeable future. Industrial agriculture’s chickens have come home to roost. But the price is being paid not by agribusiness and food retailers but by small farmers whose income remains low, and by the millions being pushed into malnutrition.
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    A tale of two crises

    There are two crises of the environment. For the majority in the developed world, there is a crisis of ‘too much’; for the developing world a crisis of 'too little'.