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    The fight for reparations

    Priya Lukka explains what reparations could mean, drawing from the rich and varied global movement for repair.
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    Enforcing ecological catastrophe at all costs

    After an activist is hospitalized in Germany following police action, Andrea Brock reflects on the criminalization of, and violence against, environmental defenders in Europe by state and private actors.
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    The efficiency myth

    Nick Dowson dismantles the notion that the private sector does things better.
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    The people strike back against privatization

    Communities across the world taking back control of services and resources.
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    Why ecotaxes may not be the answer

    Tax will, sooner or later, have to follow the environmental agenda. *Nicola Liebert* reports on mixed experiences so far, even in Germany. *Top dodger*: The British Monarchy
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    A brief history of the UN

    Early signsIn the 16th century the ‘known’ world came to be dominated by violent, seagoing and increasingly nationalist European empires: Spain, Portugal, France, Britain and the Netherlands in particular.