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    Egypt – at a glance

    Tom Dale profiles one of the former hotspots of the 2011 Arab Spring, a nation now experiencing a counter-revolutionary moment. 
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    Just transition – now or never

    As Egypt prepares to host the latest UN climate conference, COP27, Hamza Hamouchene and Katie Sandwell call time on ‘business as usual’, which in North Africa means non-solutions that line private pockets at public expense and protect political elites.
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    Justice for Giulio Regeni

    Two years since the murder of an Italian student in Cairo, the Egyptian regime has yet to acknowledge the nature of its involvement writes Yohann Koshy.
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    Jailed Nubian activist dies in custody

    In the wake of the tragic loss, Mohammed Elnaiem looks back at years of resistance.
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    Did nonviolence fail in Egypt?

    Three years after the resignation of Mubarak, the Egyptian revolution provides a perfect example of what mass protest can – and can’t – accomplish. By Mark and Paul Engler.
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    Country Profile: Egypt

    Maria Golia considers Egypt's past, present and future.
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    All Egyptians are equal, but some are more equal than others

    With attempts to mark International Women’s Day thwarted by angry men, Glen Johnson discovers that Egypt’s uprising has yet to improve the situation of its women.