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    Tunisia: at a glance

    A decade on from the revolution, and after a succession of chaotic governments, is democracy teetering in Tunisia, asks Francesca Ebel?
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    Embedding the economy – with care

    Richard Swift examines the deep roots of the market economy’s failures. Time for a radical rethink.
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    A human story

    Economies in a tailspin will need a different vision to steady them, believes Dinyar Godrej.
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    'Our friends': Saudi Arabia and the West

    Vanessa Baird takes a look at this ‘special relationship’.
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    Eight Facts About American Inequality

    Pierce Nahigyan points out some hard facts on the country’s economy.
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    Defending people’s milk in India

    A vibrant network of small producers and milk co-operatives is threatened by free trade agreements and liberalized investment policies.
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    A business climate

    Even global warming is being used for economic gain. But we can’t buy ourselves out of ruin, argues Jeremy Seabrook.
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    Facts, figures and a brief history of life in Guinea.
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    Nowhere near as religious as its neighbour, Saudi Arabia, nor as bling-obsessed as nearby United Arab Emirates, Qatar has astutely observed the paths other Gulf states have chosen, and then cherry-picked what seems to work best.
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    Facts, figures and the history of Ghana.
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    Naked Emperors

    It’s time to ask some very basic questions, like: What are banks for? What are houses for? What’s credit for? What’s the economy for? Or, for that matter, what’s the environment for? Vanessa Baird suggests a 10-point economic detox programme.
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    Visitors to Kuala Lumpur could be forgiven for thinking that they have landed in a highly developed nation. But hidden from the casual visitors’ view are the urban slums, crammed high-rise lowincome housing, rural villages still in poverty.
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    The end of an era

    With the US economy on life support, Asian countries have lost their major export market. Walden Bello wonders if domestic markets can take up the slack.
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    Clean start – creating a fair economy

    Out of the ashes of the crash, how are we to create a fairer future? *New Internationalist* asks leading experts from around the world to focus on specific areas and propose practical action for change.
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    Since independence in 1966, Botswana’s annual growth rates have been the highest in the world – bar none. It is estimated that were it not for the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, growth rates would be one or two per cent higher today.
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    Dominica is a small island both in population and size. Yet the island feels a lot bigger than this, with dozens of mountain peaks, waterfalls and some say a river for every day of the year.
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    Timor-Leste’s landscape is still deeply scarred from the conflict that raged in 1999, after the Timorese population voted for independence from Indonesia.
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    I’m a socialist. There I said it. I’m a socialist. But wait a minute. You’re not supposed to admit to being a socialist these days. Socialism is dead. It’s in the past, like dinosaurs and glam rock. The free market has won the day. The end of history. We’re all happy consumers now. Capitalism rules.
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    Sierra Leone

    New Internationalist 322