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    Britain’s great coal scandal

    The UK’s largest opencast coal mine has ‘illegally’ extracted 300,000 tonnes of coal after being ordered to close. Daniel Therkelsen of Coal Action Network reports on this shocking state of affairs.
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    More coal won’t fix the UK’s energy crisis

    Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, plans to expand a coal mine in South Wales are being touted as a way to solve Britain’s energy woes. Daniel Therkelsen of Coal Action Network explains why it’s is bad news.
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    A new frontier for UK coal?

    Daniel Therkelsen of Coal Action Network looks at how plans for the mine made it this far and how local people are stepping up to fight it.
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    An unlikely coalition

    Lucy EJ Woods heads to a mining town teaming up with Extinction Rebellion in northeast England.
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    A continent ablaze

    The fires currently engulfing much of Australian territory are the product of 30 years’ wilful negligence and greed, argues Marc Hudson
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    Life after coal

    Can we move away from fossil fuels without destroying the communities that rely on them? Sam Adler Bell looks to the devastated US coalfields of Appalachia.
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    Defusing the carbon bomb

    In order to avoid climate breakdown, over 80 per cent of known fossil-fuel reserves must stay in the ground. Danny Chivers has this round-up of social movements targeting mines, rigs, infra­structure and investment.
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    Plan for Australia’s largest coal mine faces struggle

    Australia’s Adani mine must be stopped, argue Tom Anderson and Eliza Egret.
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    From smoke stacks to solar: Port Augusta

    South Australia’s coal-fired powerhouse is going solar, reports Dan Spencer.
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    Here and no further, mass action against coal

    This photo and video gallery surveys just some of the civil disobedience that recently took place in Germany.