children's rights

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    The fight for children’s rights

    On Human Rights Day, Kamena Dorling reflects on how children are claiming their right to protect the planet’s future.
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    Keeping schools open in Yemen

    The courageous efforts of Yemeni teachers, as reported by Sawsan al-Refaei.
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    Reclaiming a lost identity

    Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission is working to heal a century of trauma caused by a policy of assimilation which saw thousands of indigenous children sent to boarding schools to be indoctrinated in white culture.
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    Guilty secrets

    In strictly segregated Yemeni society, child sexual abuse is kept well-hidden. Glen Johnson hears the harrowing testimony of a survivor.
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    Our kids, their kids

    Children of safai karmacharis (people engaged in sanitation work) in Gujarat are being forced by teachers to clean toilets and mop floors in school. Mari Marcel Thekaekara listens to their stories.
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    Life at the margins

    Bob Chaundy visits Ghana’s gold-mining region, where a new project is giving child labourers hope of a better future.