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Recommendations for governments – and addresses of action groups that will keep them honest.…

  • Sun May 1 05:50:00 2005
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Death by a thousand cuts

Alberta’s waterways are threatened by Canada’s tar sands operations…

  • Tue Dec 8 08:23:54 2009
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Born to be wild

We went to a pub to mark the 50th birthday of a member of ourcommunity…

  • Thu Jan 17 16:17:00 2008
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Niña’s Ark

So El Niño’s cold sister, La Niña, has deflected the jetstream andsubmerged the Heart of England under foul water…

  • Tue Jul 24 14:27:00 2007
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Though I’ve signed off from a regular blog from the barge, there are a few loose ends to tie up.…

  • Tue Nov 14 11:38:00 2006
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I’ve been living on this barge for the better part of four months and I reckon the time has now come to stop blogging about it…

  • Fri Sep 22 08:47:00 2006
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My home in transit

So this is it, my new home for who knows how long, on its way through the lock around the corner.…

  • Mon Sep 18 08:45:00 2006
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Autumnal warming

To judge from the scoffolding poles that were being exchangedoutside the pub this afternoon, there is mounting tension as weapproach what we know will be mamouth tides around 9 September.…

  • Sun Sep 3 08:37:00 2006
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Only connect

I’m afraid I can’t resist a small whoop of triumph as I post this entry direct from the barge.…

  • Fri Aug 18 08:35:00 2006
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Rising tide sinks boat

I am becoming sensitive, not to say jumpy, about sound…

  • Tue Aug 15 08:33:00 2006
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