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Please do not sponsor this child

Sponsorship of Third World children has now become a major fund-raiser for voluntary agencies; it is a sure-fire way to attract money. But it is not such a good way to spend it. .…

  • Tue Sep 6 08:19:34 2016
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Questions to ask about an aid project

The San Francisco-based Institute for Food and Development Policy raises eight key questions for judging aid projects.…

  • Tue Sep 6 08:09:38 2016
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Health care as if people mattered

Appropriate technology for good health in the U.K; Canadian churches and human rights in Latin America; a campaign against harmful consumer products in Australia; and Britain's Counter Information Service.…

  • Tue Sep 6 08:53:23 2016
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Food Confusion

Food aid seems to have everything going for it. The only problem is it doesn't seem to work. *PETER STALKER* looks at the evidence.…

  • Tue Sep 6 08:09:39 2016
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Canadians for Nicaragua

by *Roger Rolfe*.…

  • Tue Sep 6 08:49:37 2016
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Impeachment of Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff is a setback for the whole country

Increased political polarization has fueled the growth of the far right wing and repression of social movements, writes Sarah Roure.…

  • Thu May 5 09:26:05 2016
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China’s economic woes risk trickling down to civil society

The country's recent clampdown suggests deep concern over future levels of unemployment, writes Jessica Toale.…

  • Fri Apr 22 06:51:00 2016
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Faith and Gender Justice

It’s clear that we will not achieve gender equality unless we work positively with faith communities, including with men and boys, writes Helen Dennis.…

  • Thu Mar 31 12:29:58 2016
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Why don’t they go and look?

Forget number-crunching; development workers need to get out into the field to understand poverty, writes Maggie Black..…

  • Fri Jul 8 08:20:00 2016
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How to defend the United Nations?

After weathering decades of diplomatic storms, many wonder if the international organization can still be reformed, writes Maggie Black.…

  • Mon Nov 23 11:19:07 2015
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