New Internationalist


Prenumeranterna är grundmuren till att New Internationalist kan erbjuda förstklassig reportage både i böcker och genom tidningen. Eftersom New Internationalist är fristående från större mediekoncerner så är din prenumeration viktig för oss. Vi hoppas att du kommer att ta del av den information vi har att erbjuda dig och att du kommer att gynnas av den.

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What they say about the NI

"If you would like to know something about what’s actually going on, rather than what people would like you to think was going on – then read the New Internationalist” - Emma Thompson, actress.

"For many years I have read the NI with great respect. Many an article I have written, and film I have made, have had their roots in something I read in the NI." - John Pilger, journalist.

"It explains and clarifies all the confusions and contradictions we encounter daily in the media's international news coverage" - Julie Christie - actress .

"New Internationalist is a magazine well worth reading as it respects the intelligence of its readers. It is independent, lively and properly provocative, helping to keep its readers abreast of important developments in parts of our globe that risk marginalisation. Read it!." - Desmond M Tutu, Archbishop of Cape Town.