Clean Start event -- December 15, 2008

Confused by the credit crunch?
Maddened by the meltdown?

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Ann Pettifor speaks at Clean Start eventThe events of the last few months will change the world. Will that change be positive? Putting people before profit? Giving the world’s poor a say in how the global economy is run?

Or will it be a patched-up version of the present failed system?

The answer depends on us. This could be the greatest opportunity for positive, global change in a generation.

On December 15, 2008, New Internationalist hosted an inspiring evening of the best analysis and the hottest debate on the crisis.

Speakers included Susan George, Walden Bello, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Ann Pettifor and John Hilary.

Many different organisations were represented at the event.  Amongst others were: Rainforest UK, UNICEF, London School of   Economics, War on Want, Amnesty International, People and Planet   and World Development Movement.

The debate that started that evening is now continuing online. Check out the blog and add your thoughts and ideas.

Missed the event? Watch short films of all the best bits.

About the speakers

Susan George

SUSAN GEORGE is the author of fourteen books written in French and English and widely translated. She is president of the Board of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam, a decentralised fellowship of scholars living throughout the world whose work is intended to contribute to social justice and who are active in civil society in their own countries. She is also honorary president of ATTAC-France (Association for Taxation of Financial Transaction to Aid Citizens) where she also served as vice-president between 1999 and mid-2006 and remains a member of the scientific council. Her most recent books are  Hijacking America: How the Religious and Secular Right Changed What Americans Think (Polity Press 2008). We the Peoples of Europe (Pluto Press 2008), also in French, Nous, Peuples d’Europe (Fayard, Paris 2005) and Spanish. Other recent books are Another World is Possible if… (Verso, New York and London, 2004) and The Lugano Report: On preserving capitalism in the 21st century’ (Pluto Press 1999). Her well-known first book How the Other Half Dies: the Real Reasons for World Hunger is now available on her TNI homepage. She has received honorary doctorates from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia of Madrid as well as the first “Outstanding Public Scholar Award of the International Political Economy section of the International Studies Association. Susan George was born in the United States, lives in Paris and is a French citizen.

Walden Bello

WALDEN BELLO is a senior analyst at Focus on the Global South, a program of Chulalongkorn University’s Social Research Institute, President of the Freedom from Debt Coalition, and a fellow of the Transnational Institute. He is the author of numerous books on Asian issues and globalisation, including Dilemmas of Domination: the Unmaking of the American Empire (2005), The Anti-Development State: the political ecnonomy of permanent crisis in the Philippines (2004) and Deglobalisation: ideas for a new world economy (2004). His articles have appeared in numerous periodicals including Review of international Political Economy, Third World Quarterly, Foreign Policy, Race and Class, Le Monde Diplomatique, Le Monde, Guardian, Boston Globe, Far Eastern Economic Review, and La Jornada. He is currently a columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Foreign Policy in Focus. He won South Korea’s Suh Sang Don Prize in 2001, and in 2003 he was given the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize, for "for outstanding efforts in educating civil society about the effects of corporate globalisation, and how alternatives to it can be implemented. "

John Hillary

JOHN HILARY is Executive Director of War on Want. He has worked in the field of international development and global justice for the past 20 years across a range of organisations, among them Amnesty International, Save the Children and ActionAid. John is the author of numerous publications on international development and trade issues, including: Global Europe: The European Union’s double attack on developing countries and the European social model (2008)

Jeremy Corbyn MP

ANN PETTIFOR is executive director of Advocacy International and a fellow of the new economics foundation. She is best known for her leadership of a world-wide campaign to cancel debts owed by 42 of the poorest countries- Jubilee 2000. In 2003 she correctly predicted the bursting of the credit bubble ("The Credit Crunch") in a book she edited for the new economics foundation The Real World Economic Outlook (Palgrave, 2003). You can find her blog about the crisis at In 2006 Palgrave Macmillan published her book The Coming First World Debt Crisis (Palgrave, 2006). She is a co-author of the Green New Deal, published by the new economics foundation in July 2008 - a set of policies to deal with threats posed by the Credit Crunch, Peak Oil and Climate Change.

Ann Pettifor

JEREMY CORBYN MP is a Labour Party politician and Member of Parliament for Islington North. He has been in the House of Commons since he won his seat at the 1983 general election and is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MP’s. He is a long-time supporter of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and a prominent Amnesty International member.