Continue reading Photo by Fran Harvey / New Internationalist
Continue reading Photo by Fran Harvey / New Internationalist

In this month's Put People First edition of New Internationalist, David Ransom looks at how the meltdown could signal the start of The Age Of Possibility and Vanessa Baird asks what changes the world economy needs.

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Spot the difference
By David Ransom, Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No-one who endured 'structural adjustment' during the 'third' world debt crisis from the 1980s onwards can have any difficulty in recognizing the emergency budget just produced by the coalition government in Britain.

Doing the wrong thing
By David Ransom, Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why living on less is a sin.

What Will George Osborne Cut Today?
By Charlie Harvey, Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Shock Doctrine For Britain have created a random "cut generator", What Will George Cut Today?, to highlight the absurdity of the new UK Chancellor's anti-poor budget cuts.

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The Ditch Dirty Development campaign gets right to the root of what makes climate change happen: money.

It is our money that RBS are using to extract tar sands, burn coal and fuel climate chaos. The potential for government to act on our behalf and curtail this damaging finance is massive. They owe it to us - we own RBS-NatWest!
War on Want
War on Want fights poverty in developing countries in partnership and solidarity with people affected by globalisation. They are campaigning to make sure Gordon Brown puts poor people at the heart of the economic system.
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WDM is campaigning and lobbying the British government for reforms that could make the global economy fairer and more sustainable. Get involved here: Global financial crisis: Time for a new economy.
Jubilee Debt Campaign
The global economy isn't working, yet world leaders seem determined just to patch it up. Jubilee Debt Campaign has joined with campaigners around the world to demand changes that put people and planet first.
Action Aid
The financial crisis is showing us what people in poor countries have known for years: the international economic system doesn't work. We need a new system -- one which puts people first.
Casino Crash
An initiative of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam and the Institute of Policy Studies in Washington DC. This website is an excellent source of critical analysis on the financial crisis.
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