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This article is more than four years old.

... brutish week. On the heels of 2 little girls being raped, India awoke to another horror story: just outside Delhi, 2 ... brutish. We can preen ourselves on the wonders of ancient India. But any thinking Indian knows that, in reality, with ...

This article is almost seven years old.

... note of the fact of caste discrimination in Britain and India and to be proactive in combating it. Gerard Oonk, Director of the India Committee of the Netherlands, writes: ‘this spring, ... Dalit Solidarity Network, along with Dalit leaders from India, have lobbied consistently and effectively in Britain, ...
A Jain Temple in the old part of Fort Cochin. Since they are feeding doves regularly here, tons of birds are flying around the temple, usually.

This article is more than two years old.

... economic catastrophes, overshadowed a historic decision in India. A millennia-old blot on the history of Hinduism was ... against untouchability is something to shout about for India’s Dalits, who have, for several thousand years, faced ... guru and philosopher observed when he visited the south of India towards the end of the 19th century. In 1936 however, ...

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