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The silver screen behind the Spring

Feature films can tell us much about the cultural background to recent events in North Africa and the Middle East. Malcolm Lewis has been watching some of them.…

  • Fri Jul 8 09:52:00 2016
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The boys in Brazil's favelas who shun violence

Gender activist Gary Barker sees young men who respect woman and are connected fathers.…

  • Fri Jul 1 10:51:00 2011
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World Development book case study: the role of social networking in the Arab Spring

A case study for our World Development text book…

  • Thu Jun 9 09:17:00 2011
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Whose miracle?

An epic migration to the cities has been responsible for China’s turbocharged economic performance…

  • Fri Apr 1 11:41:00 2011
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Employment opportunities at New Internationalist.…

  • Mon Aug 1 13:12:37 2016
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2016: The Year of the Fashion Revolution

What did this year's Fashion Revolution movement teach us? And what can the next generation do to change the current state of fast-fashion? .…

  • Thu Apr 28 10:57:45 2016
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Tentative steps forward for Muslim women’s rights

Mari Marcel Thekaekara reports some good news from India.…

  • Wed Apr 27 08:30:16 2016
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We're taking on corporate media

We're now in the final phase of our fundraiser. Helen Wallis explains why we need your support.…

  • Fri Apr 22 10:16:36 2016
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Worldbeaters: Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey’s president is one of the political class’s more humourless and intolerant specimens..…

  • Thu Aug 25 03:25:36 2016
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Saudi activists – who are they and what do they want?

Madawi Al-Rasheed examines the prospects and limits of activism in the absolute monarchy.…

  • Mon Mar 14 10:59:50 2016
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