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Myth 1: Austerity will lead to 'jobs and growth'

It's wrong to sell austerity as a cure for economic woes, says Dinyar Godrej.…

  • Tue Sep 6 08:47:02 2016
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More noise than signal

Micah L Sifry assesses the political limits of social media.…

  • Tue Sep 6 08:16:01 2016
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New Book Reviews

New Book Reviews…

  • Fri Jul 8 09:54:00 2016
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The Great Privatization Grab

Like modern-day pirates, marauding corporations are hijacking our public services – while governments turn a blind eye…

  • Tue Apr 1 10:07:00 2003
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Climate change and colonial history make a toxic combination

Without proper context, the new research can be mis-read to be against ethnic diversity, writes Alex Randall.…

  • Fri Aug 19 02:45:43 2016
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Helping in two clicks: how digital technology is making INGOs irrelevant

Why bother with aid agencies? To ‘do good’ all you need is a phone and Google Maps. Amy Hall takes a closer look at the rising trend in ‘direct giving’..…

  • Tue Sep 6 07:42:40 2016
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Nigerian officials grow rich on the hunger of the poor

Samuel Malik reports on endemic corruption in Nigeria’s camps for the internally displaced.…

  • Mon Jul 18 10:45:24 2016
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Africa explained

An African Abstract: A Brief Background to Issues and Events.…

  • Tue Sep 6 08:09:41 2016
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Prize-winning anniversary

'No-one will ever buy a magazine on world poverty'. So said the sceptics when New Internationalist was launched - 10 years ago this month.…

  • Tue Sep 6 08:09:23 2016
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Should Britain leave the European Union?

Kelvin Hopkins and Caroline Lucas go head to head on the question that will be put to British voters in a referendum in June.…

  • Fri Jul 8 09:51:00 2016
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